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Business Information: Planning and Building

Building in Meaford

The Municipality of Meaford's Building Department provides the following services:

  • - Plans Review 
  • - Issue Building Permits
  • - Issue Plumbing Permits
  • - Issue Demolition Permits
  • - Inspections
  • - Property Addressing

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Planning in Meaford

Planning is the ongoing technical, political and social process by which a community defines and acts to attain its preferred quality of life. Planners aim to achieve the orderly disposition of land and resources and to protect the physical, economic and social health of communities.

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By-law Enforcement in Meaford

By-laws are established by the Municipality to regulate specific requirements to the area. The Municipal Law Enforcement division promotes health, safety and a harmonious community through the inspection and resolution of By-law complaints. Some of the core operational functions of this division include animal licencing and control, parking control (including fire routes and accessible zones), property standards, signs, zoning and licencing.

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