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Directory of Environment Statistics. Browse Statistics Canada resources related to natural resources, air and climate, pollution, wastes and measures to protect the environment.

State of the Environment Infobase. Get easily understood overviews of important environmental issues, as well as data and in-depth interpretation.

National Pollutant Release Inventory. Find out about pollutant releases and transfers that have occurred by facility, location or industrial sector.

Environmental Statistics Profile - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).Find internationally comparable environment-related statistics from OECD member countries.

United Nations Main Environmental Indicators. Find official statistics on water, air pollution, climate change, waste and land use, collected from national statistical agencies.

Science and technology

Directory of Science and Technology Statistics. Browse Statistics Canada resources for activities such as research and development, innovation, technology use, and intellectual property.

ICT Sector Statistical Reports. Find current, comprehensive statistics and analysis on the Canadian ICT sector and its component industries.

Biotechnology Sector Overview. Find information on the Canadian biotechnology industry, including data on research and development, company growth and the investment climate.

Chemicals and Chemical Products Industry Statistics. Find information such as the number of companies, shipment values, employment and import/export values for various industries related to chemicals.

Science, Technology and Patents Statistics - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Find internationally comparable science, technology and patents statistics from OECD member countries.


General research and statistics

Find information on research and statistics resources available online or in person through your local Canada Business Service Centre. You will also discover how to obtain data and analysis through various channels offered by Canada's central statistical agency, Statistics Canada. You can also access catalogues and materials from various Canadian government libraries, as well as a broad range of international statistics from the United Nations.