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Culture & Leisure

Culture and Leisure. Find statistics to monitor the culture or leisure-related industries.

Directory of Culture and Leisure Related Statistics. Browse Statistics Canada information on creative artistic activities, the preservation of cultural heritage and how free time is spent by Canadians.


Energy. Find statistics and analysis on reserves, capacity, production and consumption of traditional and alternative energy sources.

Directory of Energy-Related Statistics. Browse Statistics Canada data and analytical information on energy production and consumption, as well as on specific forms of energy.

Energy Sector Statistics and Analysis. Get statistical information, analytical reports and other documentation on energy in Canada.

Wind Power. Find information on the size and production capacity of the wind power industry in Canada, as well as information on investment opportunities.

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers’ Statistical Handbook. View a summary of current and historical information on drilling, reserves and production, as well as other data related to petroleum products.

Communication Technology

Information and Communications Technology. Gain insight into the use, supply and evolution of the information and communications technology sector. You will also find an analysis of the industry performance.

Directory of Information and Communications Technology-Related Statistics. Browse Statistics Canada resources on the industries supplying the technology, the individuals and groups using it, and its social and economic impact.

ICT Sector Statistical Reports. Find current, comprehensive statistics and analysis on the Canadian ICT sector and its component industries.