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Manufacturing. Find statistics and analysis for a number of industries within the manufacturing sector.

Directory of Manufacturing-Related Statistics. Browse Statistics Canada resources on the manufacturing sector, including financial and product-based data.

Apparel Industry - Statistics and Analysis. Find data and analysis on the apparel industry in Canada, including performance measures and information on trade agreements and tariffs.

Automotive Industry Statistics, Analysis and Industry Profiles. View annual profiles of the automotive industry, including information on production, sales and trade.

Forest Industries Statistics and Analysis. Find contacts, tools and analysis to help you better understand the wood and paper products industries, together known as the forest product industries.

Chemicals and Chemical Products Industry Statistics. Find information such as the number of companies, shipment values, employment and import/export values for various industries related to chemicals.

Canadian Plastics Industry Statistics. Find industry profiles, statistics and other information on plastics and related industries in Canada and abroad.

Canadian Plastics Industry Profiles. Find industry profiles on the plastic products, plastics machinery and moulds, and the synthetic resin industries in Canada.

Plastics Industry Research and Statistics - CPIA. Find general information and links to statistics, surveys and publications from the Canadian Plastics Industry Association.

Rubber Products Industry – Industry Canada Profiles. Find data and analysis on the rubber products industry, including its size and structure, import and export values, and comparisons with the United States.

Rubber Industry Statistics. Get data on the number of companies, shipment values, employment figures and import/export values for several industries related to rubber products.

Steel Industry Profiles. Find annual profiles of the Canadian steel industry, including statistics on consumption and trade, and a review of the factors impacting the industry.

Medical Devices Industry Profile. View a profile of the Canadian medical devices industry, including information on its size and structure, revenues, costs, imports and exports.

Natural Resources. Find information on Canada's use of natural resources, changes in their stocks and the impact upon the Canadian economy.

Directory of Natural Resources Statistics. Browse Statistics Canada information on stocks, uses and changes to Canada’s natural resources, including energy and minerals, forests, water and land.

Minerals and Metals Statistics. Find statistics for minerals and metals on a number of topics, including production, exploration, trade, use, employment, prices and investment.

Canada’s Forests – Statistical Data. Get recent annual statistics on the economic impact of the forest industries, land use, trade, environmental and pest issues, deforestation and renewal.