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Retail and Wholesale. Get financial performance data on the retail and wholesale trade sectors, as well as information on their structure and characteristics.

Directory of Retail and Wholesale Statistics. Browse Statistics Canada resources on retail and wholesale trade to find financial information such as sales, expenses and profits.

Retail Trade Industry Profiles. Get information on the structure and general characteristics of the retail sector, including recent trends and a discussion of the retail labour force.

Science & Technology

Science and Technology. Find information on research/development, innovation and the use of technology, as well as performance data for key science and technology industries.

Directory of Science and Technology Statistics. Browse Statistics Canada resources for activities such as research and development, innovation, technology use, and intellectual property.

Biotechnology Sector Overview. Find information on the Canadian biotechnology industry, including data on research and development, company growth and the investment climate.

Chemicals and Chemical Products Industry Statistics. Find information such as the number of companies, shipment values, employment and import/export values for various industries related to chemicals.


Transportation.Find financial statistics and other resources on the movement of people and goods through various modes of transportation.

Directory of Transportation Statistics. Browse Statistics Canada resources on the financial health and performance of the transportation industry, as well as statistics on the movement of people and goods in Canada.

Transportation Research and Statistics. Find research and statistics related to the movement of people and goods by air, water, rail and road.

Travel & Tourism

Travel and Tourism. Find current tourism statistics, trends and outlooks, as well as research on the factors affecting tourism.

Directory of Travel and Tourism Statistics. Browse Statistics Canada resources on expenditures, employment, prices, and other socio-economic characteristics associated with tourism in and from Canada.

Canadian Tourism Commission Research and Statistics. Find current tourism statistics, research on the factors affecting tourism, and industry trends and outlooks.

Ontario Tourism Industry Research. You can get statistics and research reports on tourism to help to develop your business and marketing plans from the Ontario Ministry of Tourism.