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Importing and exporting

Canadian Trade Data

Trade Data Online. Generate customized reports on Canadian and United States trade in goods with over 200 countries.

Directory of International Trade Statistics. Statistics Canada’s resources on international trade can help you identify markets, monitor prices, and manage monetary, tariff and foreign exchange policies.

Canadian Importers Database. Find out which companies are importing goods into Canada, by product, city and by country of origin.

Trade Investment and Economic Statistics. Get key economic indicators, balance of payments basis data, customs-based data and foreign direct investment statistics.

Asia-Pacific Statistical Reports. Find trade statistics between Canada and several Asian and South Pacific countries.

Agri-Food Trade Service - Trade Statistics. Browse trade highlights and detailed statistics for Canada’s trade in agricultural and agri-food products.

Global Trade Data

Market Analysis Tools. Access five powerful tools to track global trade and international markets, and to help you in your market analyses. Registration is required.

U.S. Foreign Trade Statistics. Get highlights, as well as detailed current and historical data for trade between the United States and its trading partners.

UN Comtrade Database. Get access to official international merchandise trade statistics, provided to the UN by official national statistical agencies.

UN Service Trade Database. Get information on imports and exports of services, collected from official national statistical agencies. Registration is required.

Balance of Payments Data

Economic Accounts: Balance of International Payments. Browse Statistics Canada resources on transactions between Canadian residents and non-residents, including data on trade and investment.

Balance of Payments. Get data on transactions between Canada and its trading partners, including trade of goods and services, direct investment and the current account balance.

Services to Facilitate Trade

Virtual Trade Commissioner. Get market and sector-specific information, business leads, and enlist the services of trade commissioners abroad. Registration is required.

Search Trade Barriers. If you are considering an export opportunity, this database can help you identify potential trade barriers you may encounter in pursuing that market.