Memorial Park


Memorial Park is one of Ontario's few waterfront campgrounds.

This picturesque park boasts 468 metres of shoreline, a picnic area, playground equipment and a snack bar. There is also a miniature golf course and woodland trails to enjoy.

All of the trailer sites are either on Georgian Bay or a very short walk from Memorial Park's very own beach.

The campground has running water, showers, toilets, and full service hook-ups. There are 135 sites serviced with hydro and water of which 104 sites have sewer, hydro and water.

The campground is open from the first weekend in May until the week after Thanksgiving.



Camping Rates

Memorial Park Season: Mid-May to mid-October

PRIME TIME: Includes the camping season from last full weekend of June to Tuesday following Labour Day weekend in September, as well as Victoria Day Weekend and Thanksgiving Weekend.

Waterfront Sites

$50 per night

$47 per night

Off-Water/Lower Level Sites $44 per night $40 per night
Upper Premium Sites $44 per night $40 per night
Upper Level Sites with sewer $38 per night $35 per night
Upper Level Sites-  water/hydro only $36 per night $33 per night
** plus applicable taxes

 Note: All Camping Rates include 2 adults & up to 4 children. ONLY 1 Camping Unit, 1 Dining Tent and 1 Vehicle per site.

Other Fees

Firewood (per bundle) $10.00
MiniGolf- 18 holes $4.00
Ice Sales $4.00
Pavilion Rentals $35.00

Rates and Fees are subject to approval and may change without notice


Methods of Payment:  Visa, Mastercard, Cash or Debit

Contact Information

Physical Address: Mailing Address:
Meaford Memorial Park Municipality of Meaford
181 Grant Avenue Attention: Meaford Memorial Park
Meaford, ON N4L 1A8 21 Trowbridge Street West
  Meaford, ON N4L 1A1
Phone Numbers Email Address:
Toll Free: 1-800-399-6323
519-538-1060 x.1402  

Staff Contact Information

Rod Willis Supervisor, Recreation Facilities 519-538-1060 1400
Greg Thacker Recreation Attendant 519-538-1060 1402


Reservation Policy NEW

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Memorial Park Reservation Policy

In an effort to ensure our valued campers and guests are treated to an exceptional, enjoyable and relaxing outdoor camping experience, the following protocols will be enforced by staff:

PRIME TIME: Shall include the camping season from last full weekend of June to Tuesday following Labour Day weekend in September, Victoria Day Weekend and Thanksgiving Weekend.


The reservation request program opens Feb 1st for that calendar year. Any request earlier than February 1st will not be considered until February 2nd.

Pre-reservation of waterfront sites (sites 1 through 18), for the prime time camping season (last full weekend of June to Tuesday following Labour Day weekend in September), will be assigned for a one (1) week minimum period and a two (2) week maximum period with Friday being arrival and departure day. Check in time after 2:00 pm and departure not later than 12:00 noon.

During the prime time camping season, any un-reserved waterfront sites (sites 1 through 18) will be made available to reserve for shorter camping stays [i.e. less than one (1) week]. A minimum two (2) night reservation will apply. Staff will consult the Campground Waiting List first to assign un-reserved sites. Reservations for shorter camping stays (less than 1 week) will be considered and allocated on Saturday at 12:00 pm (following regular Friday check in) for the subsequent week. These sites can NOT be reserved past the following Friday. Preference will be given to longer camping stays. Short Stay pricing for waterfront campsites is as follows:

6 night stay -
5 night stay -
4 night stay -
3 night stay -
2 night stay -
$54 per night
$58 per night
$65 per night
$68 per night
$70 per night

These Prices DO NOT apply to Victoria Day, Labour day, and Thanksgiving Weekend Bookings.

This pricing applies only to short, unreserved stays at Waterfront sites. 


Reservation of these sites can be made at any time for the following calendar camping season. Any sites deemed “PREMIUM SITES”, as well as lower off-water sites, will have a four (4) night minimum reservation requirement. [No Maximum]  

After June 1 these “PREMIUM SITES” may be reserved for shorter camping stays.

Pre-reservations will be subject to the current year’s rates (rate at time of booking with full payment). Preference will be given to longer camping stays in the park.

The municipality reserves the right to reassign camp sites with a minimum of three (3) weeks’ notice in advance of reservation period at their discretion for the betterment and operational requirements of Memorial Park.

KIN CAMP EVENT:  During the Civic Holiday weekend in August, Sites 40 - 143 [upper campground area] will not be available for public use.

LONG WEEKENDS: All sites require a 3 night minimum reservation. Long weekends will be booked at regular prime rates.

HOW DO I MAKE A RESERVATION: Reservations will be accepted by e-mail (, voice mail (519-538-2530) or general mail (21 Trowbridge Street West, Meaford, ON N4L 1A1) clearly marked Memorial Park Reservation Request.  Due to the high volume of pre-season reservation requests (February, March and April), we ask that you allow staff up to two (2) weeks to confirm reservations.

RESERVATION PAYMENT SCHEDULE: Pre-season reservation requests will be confirmed by staff. Payment in full by credit card will be expected upon confirmation of reservation. Non-payment will result in reservation cancellation. During the camping season, payment in full is expected at time of reservation.

GROUP RESERVATIONS: Group reservation requests for individual sites made by one individual representing the group will be held for fourteen (14) consecutive days. It is the responsibility of each group member to contact the campground office within this period to confirm individual site reservation and provide payment in full for respective site. 

For Group Camping:  There are only two (2) designated areas within the campground where trailers may be parked in a circle (circling of the wagons).

ABSOLUTELY no "circling of the wagons" is permitted in any other locations within the campground. Trailers are expected to be parked on designated lanes / parking strips on all sites (where said lanes/parking strips are clearly marked).

GARBAGE and RECYCLING: Garbage/recycling of any kind left on site will result in a $25.00 clean up fee to camper. It is camper’s responsibility to deposit garbage and recycling into the appropriate bins provided. Wildlife are often attracted to a campsite that is not well kept and tidy, in search of scraps. We are happy to supply garbage bags if need be.

FIREWOOD: Firewood for all campfires (and other) can be purchased from campground staff. No external firewood will be permitted onto the campground. Please respect the park and the surrounding forest areas. 

Cancellation Policy


Memorial Park cancellation policy is as follows: 

14 days or greater = 100% refund minus $25.00 administration fee.

Less than 14 days = no refund.  Equivalent value will be offered within 1 year of cancellation date.  Failure to notify of a late arrival will be treated as a "No Show", and after 24hrs will result in loss of reservation.

All cancellations must be administered via email with a confirmation response from staff.  During the season from May 7th forward, cancellations can also be made in person or verbally over the phone at park office between 9am and 5pm daily.  NOTE…Voice mail cancellations will not be accepted.

Failure to notify of late arrival that exceeds 24hrs will result in loss of reservation with no equivalent value offered.




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    MARKETPLACE goes undercover to expose the techniques used in door-to-door sales of water purification systems across Canada. Tom Harrington investigates
    youtube.comMARKETPLACE goes undercover to expose the techniques used in door-to-door sales of water purification systems across Canada. Tom Harrington investigates


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