Recreation Workshops


Meaford & St Vincent Community Centre

RPPOLE    $20/2-hour workshop

Saturday June 10    10am - 12pm

The use of urban poles while walking reduces stress on hips, knees and ankles while improving stability, balance and posture. The use of walking poles can burn 20-46% more calories than walking alone.  Suitable for all ages.  Certified instructor.  Participants do not need their own poles, they will be provided for the workshop for you to try.


Meaford & St Vincent Community Centre

RPSTOP      $45/+10 for illustrated manual    2- 2 hour sessions


This workshop is designed for anyone with sciatic pain or piriformis syndrome. The cause of sciatic pain varies so not all stretches work for everyone.  In this workshop, you will discover which exercises work for you based on your individual symptoms and allow you to better understand the cause of your pain. Dress in comfortable clothing, bring a mat.  Second Week Review: This class allows you to work at your own level of experience.


Meaford & St Vincent Community Centre

 RPRELAX                     $65            90 minute class        5 week program

Thursdays 6pm - 7:30pm

Session 4: April 6 - May 4

Learn how to relax your body to ease pain and be more at ease. Reduce anxiety and worry with these guided relaxation techniques.  Learn how to be more in control of your thoughts and be more present in your daily life. Each class will include a brief discussion, meditation and breathing practices, simple stretches and a guided relaxation.  Audio recordings of relaxation and meditation techniques are included.  Option to sit in chairs or lie on the floor; bring your own mat and a blanket.  Drop in fees not available for this program.


Meaford & St Vincent Community Centre

RPPHOTO     $20/workshop  - register for all 5, receive $10 off- only $90

Must bring your own digital (DSLR) camera

Wednesdays 6pm - 7pm

Do you want to learn more about your camera and how to get off of the Auto setting?  Do you want to capture life as it happens and how you see it?  These basic Digital Photography workshops are designed to help teach hobbyists about their cameras and what it all means.  Learn how to locate and use the manual settings on your camera to get better images.

April 19: Camera Basics: Learning about your camera.  An overview of your camera and what everything does and how it all works together.

April 26:  Introduction: Setting Your Aperture.  Explore how different aperture settings work to allow more or less light into the camera and how it affects the depth of field of your photograph.

May 3: Introduction: Setting Your Shutter Speed.  Discover how the speed of your camera's shutter can record the available light to capture motion or freeze it.

May 10: Introduction: Setting Your ISO.  Learn how the sensor in your camera captures light and when you need a lower or higher ISO.

May 17: Photography Walk (location TBD).  Hands-on learning of all the information leading up to today, while we capture our beautiful images.


Meaford & St Vincent Community Centre

 RPLOW                        $135 (audio disc and manual for home practice extra)

Download $9.99 USD or  Hardcopy with audio disc $40

90 minute class     6 week program

Tuesdays 6pm - 7:30pm

Session 4: April 25 - June 6 (No class May 30)

End back pain once and for all!  A gentle rebuilding and strengthening program for the back, adaptable to each body size and condition. Bring your own mat and dress comfortably. Materials for home practice will also be required to be purchased for the class, organized through the instructor. Still wondering if this program can help your back? Option to take first class before committing to see if this is the course for you, or talk to Joanne Pineau 705-888-9686. Drop in fee not available for this program.

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