Petition for Meaford Hospital – Please send to the Minister of Health and Long Term Care

Meaford, Ontario – January 4, 2017 – The Council Municipality of Meaford is asking concerned residents to direct their petitions regarding the Meaford Hospital to the Minister of Health and Long Term Care.

Meaford Council recognizes health services as a critical part of the community, and has expressed concerns regarding any potential changes to the services offered at the Meaford Hospital. Council will be very active on this issue, and has committed to doing what they can to help strengthen all health care services in the Meaford community.

Council’s concern relates not only from the perspective of services to our community, but also from the economic development view of attracting new residents and businesses. Mayor Barb Clumpus has been actively working on this issue for many months, including meeting with the LHIN, doctors, and Grey Bruce Health Services (GBHS).

Mr. Lance Thurston, CEO of GBHS addressed Meaford Council on November 21, 2016 at the request of the Mayor. His presentation is attached and also available on our web site at

Council also understands that the current and projected financial situation for GBHS is serious – it is projecting a budget shortfall of $17 million by 2020, if no changes are made at its six hospitals. This change in GBHS’ financial situation is the result of changes to the provincial funding formula. This funding change is having a negative effect on hospital services in our rural community. It is imperative that this inequitable funding formula be revised by the Province. 

The GBHS Board of Directors has not made any decisions regarding our hospital, and it has committed to public engagement sessions prior to making any decisions. The Board is currently waiting for decisions on certain issues from the SW LHIN before proceeding. In addition to public comments, these decisions will have an impact on the operational decisions the GBHS Board must make.

Mayor Barb Clumpus is currently receiving the circulating petition, however she would like to remind residents to direct their comments to the Minister of Health and Long Term Care, who can be reached at:

Dr. Eric Hoskins
The Minister of Health and Long Term Care
Email: or
Mail: Hepburn Block 10th Floor
         80 Grosvenor St,
         Toronto, ON
         M7A 2C4


Contact Us

Barb Clumpus
Municipality of Meaford
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Harley Greenfield
Deputy Mayor
Municipality of Meaford
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519 538-2783 (cell) |


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    #FarmtoTable is easy in #meaford, with so many great options at the Meaford Farmers' Market. Come by the harbour this afternoon to check it out, 3-7pm.

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    The Municipality of Meaford shared Meaford Public Library's post.Join us at the Council meeting on Monday, September 25 at 6:30pm to hear about the next phase in the library project! Find the link to the Council agenda below to see the full report.

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