Work to Begin for Inspecting Maintenance Hatches

Posted On Friday April 24, 2020

Starting April 27, the Municipality of Meaford will be completing maintenance hatch inspections of the Municipality’s wastewater collection system in the urban area of Meaford until June 12.

This work is being done with the support of Dillon Consulting and Infratech Services. It is a visual inspection and will not have any impact on the Municipality’s wastewater collection system or private property. An Infratech Services vehicle will use a van-mounted zoom camera to take pictures and video of the wastewater collection system. The information collected will be used to monitor the condition of the infrastructure and plan for future maintenance or replacement work. 

As maintenance hatches are typically located within road allowances, temporary traffic disruptions may occur while inspections are being completed.

For your safety and ours, if you see an Infratech Services vehicle and workers completing an inspection, maintain social distancing and do not enter the work area. Direct all project inquiries to the Municipality Meaford at

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