Marilyn and Richard Morris are Meaford’s Community Builders of the Year

Posted On Thursday April 11, 2019
2019 Community Builders of the Year
Community Builders of the year Richard and Marilyn Morris with Mayor Barb Clumpus.

At the annual volunteer appreciation dinner held by the Municipality of Meaford on Wednesday April 10th, Marilyn and Richard Morris were awarded Meaford’s first annual Community Builder of the Year Award.

The Municipality of Meaford established the Community Builder Award in 2019 to acknowledge outstanding individuals who have helped shape and promote the municipality through their devotion to volunteering on behalf of Meaford and its residents.

“I can’t think of more fitting recipients for our first Community Builder Award” said Mayor Barb Clumpus. “For over 20 years Marilyn and Richard have worked tirelessly to put Meaford on the map with the Scarecrow Invasion. They have set the bar pretty high as models of volunteerism in our community, and have truly made a difference to the quality of life here.”

“We feel honoured and humbled by this prestigious recognition of work that we love” said Marilyn Morris. “It's all about the passion that you feel for the work you do as a volunteer, and for the community in which you live. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to serve our community.”

The Municipality would also like to thank all of the other community volunteers who dedicate their time and effort to making the Municipality of Meaford a great place to live, work and play.

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