Report Traffic Concerns Online

Posted On Tuesday October 13, 2020

In partnership with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), the Municipality of Meaford is launching a pilot project asking residents to report traffic concerns, including speeding, through our website.

Once a complaint for speeding is received, staff will mount traffic counters at two locations on the targeted roadway. The traffic counters will stay in place for a week and track the number and speed of all vehicles that use that road. This data will then be collected and analyzed to look for trends, like times of day that are worse and the volume of offenders.

If speeding is identified, the data will be provided to the OPP, who will set up targeted enforcement and provide an update to the resident and Municipality. As data comes in throughout the pilot project, the Municipality is hoping to gain a better understanding of the high-problem areas so enforcement and traffic calming measures can be implemented where needed.

“We take pride in ensuring the safety of our roadways and users” said Manager of Transportation Services Jessica Wiley. “We have received increased complaints from residents about speeding and traffic safety, and our goal is to encourage safer, more responsible driving.”

For more information on traffic calming measures or to report a concern, visit

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