Message from Mayor Barb Clumpus

Posted On Friday May 08, 2020

This week we’ve seen more changes as recovery planning continues and some restrictions are easing. Here in Meaford, the burn ban has been lifted so farmers can really get into spring clean-up and household units can gather around the backyard bonfire to toast marshmallows. Please be ever mindful of safety here – for you and our firefighters who might be called upon to extinguish a run-away fire. The Leaf and Yard Waste depot has reopened on Thursday through Saturday now, with extra precautions in place to keep our staff and residents safe. Renovation work has begun again on our new Library as well as the Meaford Harbour House, in hope of reopening the harbour this summer. A shout-out is appropriate here to our Friends of the Library’s fundraising team and our generous community for reaching a milestone of over $690,000 in donations.   How impressive is that!

There is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, but we still have a distance to go. Traditionally the start of summer, the Victoria Day long weekend, is fast approaching and some restrictions are relaxing, but we can’t let down the guard so carefully maintained all these weeks. That could easily spike an uptick in cases. Many of our cottagers have already returned, hopefully for the summer, but it is important to remember that the same restrictions and closures are in place across the province. Our outdoor recreation facilities such as beaches, boat launches, and conservation areas remain closed, and some supplies and services are limited, so extra visitors and single day-trips are discouraged for the duration.  Our parks and green spaces are still open to enjoy nature and exercise but everyone must comply with the Health Unit’s protocols:   washing hands, keeping 6 feet of distance between us, and avoiding unnecessary travel.

Recovery will not happen overnight - It will be carefully planned, slowly implemented, and closely monitored. If we continue to diligently follow the guidelines of the ministry of health and flatten the curve, we can keep this virus at bay and gradually reopen and rediscover our community.

To all the mothers out there, have a wonderful day on Sunday, safely and with great pride in raising the families you have. Take good care everyone.

-      Mayor Barb Clumpus

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