Closures due to Shoreline Erosion

Posted On Monday November 04, 2019

Due to high water levels and waves experienced along the shores of Georgian Bay on Thursday October 31, Memorial Park, Fred Raper Park, and David Johnston Park have seen substantial damage and areas have been closed.

During last week’s Halloween storm, as much as 10 feet of shoreline disappeared overnight in areas at David Johnston and Memorial Park. Parts of the retaining wall at Memorial Park are now listing at approximately 30 degrees. Fred Raper Park was the hardest hit of the three areas, where water rushed more than 40 feet through the park. In many locations more than one foot of rocks, sand and debris now cover the grass, walkways and play structures.

Due to this damage, Fred Raper Park will be closed until a full cleanup can take place in the spring of 2020. Shoreline areas of Memorial Park and David Johnston Park will also be fenced off to limit access to damaged areas.

Bayfield Street and Lakeside Avenue were also closed on Friday, November 1st due to debris and erosion concerns from Thursday’s storm. They have now been cleared and reopened.

The Municipality has begun working with the Provincial Government to review the damage and potentially access funding for the repair work.

“This year’s high water and has caused significant changes to our shoreline” said CAO Rob Armstrong. “We have incurred damages, and now infrastructure such as the Memorial Park Pavillion, washrooms at Fred Raper Park, and waterfront roads are very close to the water’s edge, and could be damaged in future storms. We want to do everything we can to protect our vulnerable areas and get them restored.”

“In addition to our beautiful parks, we’ve also heard from waterfront homeowners who have experienced damage,” said Deputy Mayor Shirley Keaveney. “It can be stressful and heartbreaking to have your home damaged, and to worry what future storms may bring.”

The Municipality asks that waterfront homeowners who have experienced property damage please complete our online form at, call us at 519-538-1060, or stop by the office to provide your information. This will allow us to provide waterfront homeowners with updates, and information on any funding opportunities that become available.

The Municipality continues to urge all residents to exercise caution and avoid waterfront areas that have experienced damage and erosion.

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