Official Plan Review – Share your ideas Meaford!

Posted On Friday January 07, 2022

Municipality of Meaford is updating the Official Plan. An online survey is now available for public input. This is an opportunity to share your ideas that will help to inform us of the needs of our community as we grow and develop.

An Official Plan describes Municipal Council’s policies on how land in the community should be used so that new development and growth considers a broad range of community benefits and that land use planning decisions reflect local needs and values. It addresses a variety of issues such as where housing, employment, agricultural, industrial and commercial uses should be located; what services such as roads, sewers and parks will be needed and, the way in which the community will evolve.

“Meaford’s Official Plan guides us in managing new growth and change so that the specific needs of our community are met, and it helps direct us in the important work of being stewards of a vibrant and healthy community.” said Rob Voigt, Director of Development Services.

The survey is just the beginning of input opportunities for residents and the public. In the coming weeks more information on public participation dates and activities will be announced. “The Official Plan can be seen as the book where a community writes the story of its future. Hearing from our local citizens on what matters to them when building a healthy and successful community is primary to this update and we will be connecting in creative ways to generate meaningful discussion” said Voigt. Opportunities to provide input will be promoted on the website, Municipality of Meaford Facebook page and local media channels.

The survey takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. No sensitive personal information will be collected within the questionnaire.

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 If you would like to be notified directly of participation opportunities, please contact, to register your name and information.

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