Message from Mayor Barb Clumpus

Posted On Friday July 31, 2020

We’re approaching the beginning of August; the cold nights of winter are a distant memory in the heat and sunshine on the shores of Georgian Bay.  The waterfront calls to us on the hottest days, and many locals and visitors have been flocking to the beaches across our community for the cool breezes and even cooler water.

Whether you’re hiking, biking, kayaking, sailing, or relaxing on a floaty or lawn chair this long weekend, please remember to keep following the same practices of physical distancing from those outside your household or social circle, frequent handwashing, and wearing masks when physical distancing is a challenge. The beautiful weather and the provincial recovery plan with the opening of stage 3, has lifted our spirits. It is true we can be proud of the low statistics of community spread, our protected seniors’ population, and particularly no deaths from the virus, but that is because of the careful attention you pay to the health unit’s protocols.  However, there have been 4 new cases of COVID-19 in our area over the last 2 weeks, confirming that the virus is still lurking and that continued caution is needed.

Traffic has picked up and local businesses are buzzing again. From restaurants, to shopping, to farm-stand markets, our local entrepreneurs have spent the last four months turning lemons into lemonade. They’ve been working hard to find new ways of delivering goods and services, complying with emerging health and safety regulations, and providing excellent service to their customers during these difficult times. Local business owners support community fundraising, youth sports teams, and each other, so every dollar you spend has the most impact closest to home. Remember to treat those that serve you with kindness and respect as they enforce health unit orders.

I can’t say it enough, thank you everyone who has stepped up to continue to do what is necessary to keep our families and friends safe. A huge virtual hug to our frontline workers, those we depend upon to provide health care, municipal and personal services. We are strong, we care about our neighbours, and together, we will continue the momentum of our progress so far to carry us through to recovery.

Stay well everyone.

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