Grandview Drive Grant Announcement Address


Delivered June 29, 2015 at Fred Raper Park during the Grandview Drive and Susan Street Grant announcement ceremony.

Welcome to MP Larry Miller and guest MPP Anne Hogarth. Thank you so much for your work on our behalf. And welcome too, to our local MPP Bill Walker, members of Council, Deputy Mayor Harley Greenfield, Councillor Shirley Keaveney, Chamber of Commerce Vice-President Liz Harris, staff, and the public for joining us today.

Today is a great day for the Municipality of Meaford. We all remember the serious situation two summers ago when a large break occurred in a major watermain. So the news today of this $1.8 million grant from the Federal and Provincial governments, to help improve our water/wastewater and road infrastructure is most welcome, and might I say comes not a moment too soon.

This grant is the largest we have received here at the Municipality of Meaford since 2003 when through the Superbuild Fund we were able to renovate our iconic Meaford Hall, the pre-eminent facility for arts and culture in South Georgian Bay. We were thrilled then to be able to make this facility an accessible hub for community events and entertainment, and an economic driver for our community. We are no less grateful for this opportunity today to improve our community infrastructure along Grandview Drive and Susan Street.

These improvements will mean many things for our community. It will mean continued safe, high-quality drinking water, improved water and wastewater services, and safer roads for our vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. The addition of 950 meters of sidewalk will allow better access for our residents to downtown, and a safe route to take a walk – or cycle - along our beautiful waterfront, which as you can see from this view is truly a natural wonder, particularly on beautiful summer days like today.

Our community has rallied from the peaks and valleys of financial volatility we have experienced in the past. It took hard work and commitment from taxpayers, Council and our municipal staff to get us through those challenging years to today when we can demonstrate consistent, sound financial management that allows us the opportunity to apply for grants such as this one. Receiving this grant is a testament to this. I am very pleased today to see this evidence of just how far our community has come, and I am so very proud of the hard work and perseverance that got us here.

Thank you once again to the Federal and Provincial governments for your support of small communities like ours through the Canada Ontario Small Communities Fund. We are very grateful for the support we have received, and when we drink cool glasses of fresh municipal water after a nice walk along the waterfront, we will remember all the effort that came together to make this project possible.


Mayor Barb Clumpus


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