Bridge 001 Rehabilitation

The Municipality of Meaford is rehabilitating Bridge 001, which is located on Sideroad 21 west of Concession A.  The work is required to maintain the bridge in good condition and extend the service life.

Bridge 001 CulvertMap of Bridge 001 Location


 Project Description

Located on Sideroad 21 over Bothwell's Creek, this section of road connects the Municipality of Meaford to the City of Owen Sound.  The bridge consists of a corrugated steel multi-plate arch spanning 5.3 metres. The proposed rehabilitation work includes repairs to the steel structure, concrete re-enforcement of the existing culvert, and placement of concrete paving on the bottom of the culvert. Both the engineering works and construction are proposed for 2023. Access across the structure and Sideroad 21 is not expected to be significantly impacted, and it is anticipated that the works will be required to occur during the allowed in water works timing window, which occur from July to September.

Project Timeline

Engineering began in 2022

Estimated Construction Start Date: Spring 2024

Estimated Construction End Date: Fall 2024


Estimated Expenditure in 2023:  $478,210


Joel Saunders

Project Manager - Infrastructure

Municipality of Meaford

21 Trowbridge Street West, Meaford

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