Development Name: Skydevco Mixed Use Redevelopment 

File Number: Z04-2021

Location: Boucher St. East at Fuller Street (formerly known as the Stanley Knight Ltd. Lands)

Planning Applications: Zoning By-law Amendment File# Z04-2021, Plan of Condominium (County of Grey Application)

Proposal: A mixed use development among nine buildings: a five storey hotel and spa, three two-storey townhouse buildings fronting on public roads, four four-storey townhouse buildings, and one four-storey apartment building. 

Units: 78 Hotel Units, 168 Residential Units

Status: Zoning Approved by Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT). Tree Removal Permit Issued by the Municipality, March 2023. Currently owner is undertaking site remediation works (site clean up under the Environmental Protection Act). 

Public Meeting: Public meetings were held on May 17th, 2021 and November 9th, 2021. You can watch these meetings on the Municipality of Meaford’s YouTube channel at  

Please be advised that the Ontario Land Tribunal approved the Zoning Application. See the decision documents in the Notices folder below.  



Notice of Application and Public Meeting (April 2021)

Notice of Revised Application and Public Meeting #2 (October 2021) 

News Release Skydev Notice of Appeal Ontario Land Tribunal

Decision OLT Appeal December 2022

OLT Approved Zoning By-law Amendment 2022-84

 Documents (First Submission March 2021)

Planning Justification Report

Functional Servicing and Stormwater Management Report

Geotechnical Investigation Report

Environmental Impact Study

Stage 1 Archaeological Assessment

Stage 2 Archaeological Assessment

Transportation Impact and Parking Study

Zoning Amendment Application Form

Draft Zoning By-law Amendment

Second Submission Documents (September 2021)

Updated Site Plan and Renderings

Landscape Concept Plan

Updated Functional Servicing and Stormwater Management Report

Traffic Calming Memo

Updated Transportation Impact and Parking Study

Environmental Impact Study Addendum

Updated Planning Justification Report

 Third Submission Documents (January 2022)

 Updated Site Plan and Renderings

 Landscape Concept Plan

 Updated Functional Servicing and Stormwater Management Report 

 Updated Transportation Impact and Parking Study

 Revised Functional Grading Plan

 Revised Functional Servicing Plan

 Waterfront Strategy and Special Policy Area 1 Implementation

 Draft Zoning By-law Amendment (Final)

 Cultural Heritage Impact Study

 General Timeline and Applications

 Letter and Table Responses to Meaford Comments Matrix

 Community Benefits Letter

 Phase One Environmental Site Assessment

 Phase Two Environmental Site Assessment

 Site Cross Section


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