Bridge 037 (Rehabilitation)

The Municipality of Meaford is proposing to rehabilitate Bridge 037.  The bridge is located on Sykes Street over Pete's Creek between Susan Street and Cook Street.  The box culvert structure requires rehabilitation to extend the service life of the bridge and replace the bridge barriers with new steel beam guiderails to improve traffic safety. This project is being partially funded through Ministry of Transportation (MTO) grant funding.

 Photo of BR 37 inlet                                               Bridge 37 Map

 Project Description

Bridge 037 was built in 1975 and is located on Sykes Street North over Pete's Creek. 

The rehabilitation of the bridge in 2023 will include:

  • Concrete repairs to the structure to ensure continued operation in future years;
  • Replacement of the barrier system on the structure to improve safety for vehicles and cyclists; and
  • Replacement of failed retaining structures

It is anticipated that one lane of traffic will require closure during the construction however the full impacts will be identified prior to construction.

Project Timeline

Engineering began in 2022

Estimated Construction Start Date: Summer 2023

Estimated Construction End Date: Fall 2023


The total construction budget for this rehabilitation project is estimated at $602,000. The proposed funding for the project is as follows:

2023 Tax Levy: $60,200

MTO Grant Funding: $541,000


Joel Saunders, Project Manager - Infrastructure

519-538-1060 extension 1319


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