Bridge 045 (Campbell Bridge) Rehabilitation 

The Municipality of Meaford is completing bridge work on Bridge 045, which is located on Sideroad 13, just east of Grey Road 12.  The rehabilitation is required to extend the service life of the structure and replacement of bridge barriers and new steel beam guiderails to improve traffic safety. The work will require the closure of the structure during construction (May to September 2023).  The project is not expected to impact navigation of the Big Head River and has been registered on the Common Project Search website as described by the Canadian Navigable Water Act.

  Map showing location of BR 045      Photo of Bridge 45 looking Eastbound                                  

 Project Description

Bridge 045 (Campbell Bridge) is located on Sideroad 13, east of County Road 12 over the Big Head River. The bridge consists of a three span, concrete slab on precast girder superstructure supported on concrete abutments and piers with a total deck length of 45.0 metres and overall width of 9.75 metres. Engineering for the rehabilitation was completed in 2021 to 95% and engineering to completeness and construction works is occurring in 2023. The rehabilitation will include patch repair of deteriorated concrete, new roadside safety devices, water proofing of the bridge structure, replacement of expansion joints and modifying the deck drains. The road will be closed at the bridge to all through traffic throughout the duration of construction.

Project Timeline

Engineering began: 2021

Estimated Construction Start Date: Spring 2023

Estimated Construction End Date: Fall 2023


2023 Budget: $817,000


Joel Saunders, Project Manager - Infrastructure

519-538-1060 extension 1319

Additional Resources  

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