Development Name: Commercial Dog Kennel (Howlers Dog Sports)

File Numbers: OPA35 and Z10-2022

Location: 397531 Concession 10 (Sydenham)

Proposal:  The Owners have requested an Official Plan Amendment and a Zoning Amendment to permit a Commercial Dog Kennel on the lands.

The Meaford Official Plan designates the property Rural and Environmental Protection. The Rural designation permits a Commercial Dog Kennel, subject to certain criteria, including requiring the use to be located a minimum of 100 metres from a property line. The application requests relief from this policy to allow the use in an existing building approximately 3 metres from the south lot line. The existing building would continue to be used as a training area only. The proposed kennel building would be constructed as an addition to that building, located to the north (partly behind the existing dwelling). The existing dog run area along the south property line would be removed and relocated to the area adjacent to the kennel.

Within Zoning By-law 60-2009, the lands are zoned Rural Exception 248 (RU-248), Environmental Protection (EP) and Holding Symbol (H4). Exception 248 applies the site-specific building envelope on the lands, related to protection of nearby natural heritage features. The requested Zoning Amendment would add the use of Commercial Kennel up to 20 dogs and would also increase the size of the Building Envelope on the lands to allow for an addition to the existing dwelling slightly outside the currently approved building envelope.

Submitted materials in support of these applications is available for download below (see documents and notices).

Units: Not Applicable

Status: Review completed - staff report available as part of October 30, 2023 agenda. 

Public Meeting: Public meeting on May 8, 2023 at 5:00 PM. 

You can watch the livestream or video of public meetings on the Municipality of Meaford’s YouTube channel at  

Public Notice - OPA35 Z10-2022 

1. Official Plan Amendment Application OPA35

2. Zoning By-law Amendment Application Z10-2022

3. Applicants Letter in Support of Applications

4. Site Plan of Kennel Proposal

5. Acoustic Assessment

6. Kennel Density in Area
. Updated Acoustic Assessment

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