Are you thinking of Severing Land?

If you are thinking about severing land from your property, you need the "consent" of the Municipality. 

Section 50 of the Planning Act sets out specific circumstances where land can be subdivided or by which an interest in land can be conveyed to another person.

The Consent process, under Section 53 of the Act, is typically used to provide for the creation of a new lot; the enlargement of a lot/alteration to existing lot boundaries; or the creation of a right-of-way or easement that extends beyond 21 years in duration.

The Municipality of Meaford's Committee of Adjustment has been delegated the authority of Council to make decisions on applications for consent. All decisions of the Committee must conform to applicable Official Plans and must be consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement.

Should you be interested in pursuing an application for consent, Staff strongly recommend you participate in a pre-submission consultation. At this meeting, we will review the applicable policy, discuss the procedure and requirements, and help you to determine the costs and timeframes involved with completing your consent transaction.

For additional information on severances, please visit the Ontario's Citizen's Guide to Land Use Planning - Land Severances (Consent)

Download the application form to apply for a Land Severance:

Consent Application Form

Do you think you need a Minor Variance?

A minor variance is a special permission that may be granted to a property owner upon application to the Municipality. A variance, in effect, excuses a land owner from a specific requirement of the Zoning By-law.

Section 45(1) of the Planning Act states that the Committee of Adjustment may authorize a minor variance from the provisions of the Zoning By-law "in respect of the land, building or structure or the use thereof, as in its opinion is desirable for the appropriate development or use of the land, building or structure, if in the opinion of the committee the general intent and purpose of the by-law and of the official plan, if any, are maintained"

In accordance with the Planning Act, when evaluating an application for minor variance, Staff and the Committee of Adjustment must consider how the proposal meets the 'four tests' of a minor variance. Each test must be met in order for the Committee to approve an application.

Should you be interested in submitting an application for Minor Variance, you are encouraged to pre-consult with planning staff.

Four Tests:

  1. The variance must be minor
  2. The variance must be desirable for the appropriate development or use of the land, building or structure
  3. The general intent and purpose of the Zoning By-law must be maintained
  4. The general intent and purpose of the Official Plan must be maintained

Download the Application Form to apply for a Minor Variance:

Minor Variance Application

Committee of Adjustment

Decisions on both Land Severance and Minor Variances are the responsibility of the Committee of Adjustment. The Committee of Adjustment is a 'quasi-judicial' body established by Council as permitted by Section 44(1) of the Planning Act. The Municipality of Meaford's Committee of Adjustment is comprised of five appointed members who meet on a monthly basis to hear applications for consent, minor variance, and alterations to legal non-conforming structures and uses.

In accordance with the Planning Act, notice of a Public Hearing is given at least 14 days prior to meetings related to consent applications, and 10 days prior to a meeting for a minor variance. A Public Hearing can take between 15-60 minutes for each matter, depending upon the complexity of the application and any agency or public comments that are raised with respect to the file.

Committee of Adjustment 2024 Schedule and Application Cut-off dates

 Virtual Meeting Information

Committee of Adjustment now meets for Public Hearings in person, with an option to join the meeting remotely via Zoom. All meetings will be broadcast live and on demand on the municipal YouTube channel. Meeting agendas are available on the Council Portal. If you would like to speak on an application, you can do so by providing comments in writing to to be read at the Committee meeting. If you wish to register as an attendee for a virtual public meeting, you must register with the Secretary-Treasurer by emailing no later than noon on the meeting date.

The following virtual meeting guides include information on how to join and participate in a meeting once registered with the Secretary-Treasurer: 

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