Current Developments

Are you looking for information on current Planning and Development Applications in the Municipality? Check out the projects listed under Current Developments on the right hand side of the page, by clicking on the project name. 

Under each project, there is a summary of the application, along with two folders for Notices and Documents. The Documents section is the information the developer or applicant has submitted with their application, such as studies and drawings. If there has been a public meeting or one is coming up, it will be posted on that Current Developments page. 

If you want to receive updates on any of these projects, from the individual project page scroll to the very bottom of the page. On the right side you will see a box to Subscribe to Page Updates. Use this tool to get email updates about changes to the documents, new meeting notices and more!

NEW! Interactive Map

Meaford's new Current Developments map helps you find the current Development projects on a map and get a quick update on their status, number of units and other useful information. Check out the link below.

Current Developments Interactive Map

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