Development Name: Eco-Retreat (Aqorpions Inc.)

File Numbers: OPA32

Location: 42303 Harbour Drive and adjacent property (Part of Lot 3 BFC, Part 1 & 2 Plan 16R-9207 Sydenham)

Planning Applications: Official Plan Amendment

Development Type: Recreational Commercial and Residential

Units: 5 Residential Units

Proposal: The proposal is to develop an ‘eco-retreat’ cabin rental tourist establishment with central clubhouse and five (5) recreational resource based freehold residential lots proposed via a plan of condominium which would share certain common elements and amenities with the tourist establishment.

Status: Complete application / Under Review

Public Meeting: March 6, 2023 at 5:00 PM

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 Notice of Complete Application and Public Meeting



Cover Letter

Meaford OPA Application

Meaford ZBLA Application

Planning Opinion

Planning Opinion Addendum

Legal Opinion

Site Plan Overall

Site Plan Aerial Photo Overlay

Residential Lot Site Plan

Draft Vacant Land Condo Plan

Draft Plan Site Plan Overlay

Environmental Impact Study

Stage 1 & 2 Archaeological Study

Functional Servicing Study

Stage 1 & 2 Archaeological Assessment

Civil Engineering Plans

Shore Well Plan

Topographic Survey

Plan of Survey


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