The Municipality of Meaford has grants and loans available for commercial, industrial, agricultural/value-added and non-residential heritage lands and buildings outside of the Downtown CIP area. This plan also includes a new Energy Efficiency and Retrofit grant for which Downtown (non-residential) landowners are also eligible.

The Municipality of Meaford will be accepting applications for the 2021 Community Improvement grant and loan programs. Applicants are encouraged to review the details, terms and conditions found below for each program. Pre-submission consultation with staff is suggested.

Downtown Community Improvement Program

The Municipality of Meaford's Downtown Community Improvement plan is intended to create a mechanism to promote investment in a very important historical and commercial area of the Municipality of Meaford, thereby generating economic development and increased assessment.

Downtown CIP Program Guide

Downtown CIP Program Application

Economic Community Improvement Program

The Municipality of Meaford's Economic Community Improvement plan is intended to promote long-term economic sustainability by establishing a collection of financial incentive programs that encourage and support private development or redevelopment, rehabilitation, and revitalization. It is a framework that guides community improvement throughout the entire Municipality focusing on economic development and diversification in areas located outside the historic Downtown core.

Economic CIP Program Guide

Economic CIP Program Application

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