Development Name: Georgian Bay Terrace 

Location: 1 Legion Road

Planning Applications: Zoning By-law Amendment  File# Z09-20, Site Plan Application File #SP10-21

Development Type: Residential Condominium Apartments

Units: 122

Status: Zoning Approved, Site Plan Application Conditionally Approved

Public Meeting: November 2020

Questions can be directed to the Planning Department at: 


Notice of Application and Public Meeting

Notice of Passing - Zoning Change

Notice of No Appeal Filed

 Documents (First Submission October 2020)

Draft Site Plan

Functional Servicing Report

Geotechnical Report

Grading and Servicing Plan

Planning Justification Report

Stormwater Management Report

Traffic Report

Documents (Second Submission June 2021)

Updated Planning Justification Report

Updated Site Plan, Floor Plans and South Street Elevation

Updated Site Plan 3rd to 5th Floors

Landscape Plan

Planting & Fencing Details

Landscape Details

Tree Inventory and Preservation Plan

Tree Preservation Details

Grading and Erosion Control and Servicing Plans

Functional Servicing Brief

Stormwater Management Report

Conformance Letter (Shoring)

Traffic Impact Study Update

Cost Estimates

Reference Plan 

Updated Geotechnical Report

Documents (Third Submission July 2021)

Updated Basement Plans

Updated Site Plan

Public Notice Planning Opinion

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