Development Name: Golf Course Phase B Subdivision

File Number: Z07-2020

Location: 408 Ridge Road

Development Type: Residential; 51 Single Detached Dwellings proposed on vacant land condominium lots, serviced by proposed condominium road

Units: 51

Status: Phase B, part 1 Under Construction. Phase B, part 2 to be constructed. 

Public Meeting: The last public meeting was held on October 5th, 2020 @ 5pm (Meaford Hall) 

Questions can be directed to the Planning Department at: 


 Notice of Complete Application & Public Meeting

 Notice of Passing

 Notice of No Appeal Filed


By-law 2021-06

Engineering Drawings Set

General Servicing Plan

Geotechnical & Slope Stability Evaluation

Golf Course Layout Plan

Lot Configuration Plan

Sanitary Sewer Design Detail

Storm Sewer Design Detail

Stormwater Management Report

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