Did you know? The Municipality of Meaford offers grants, loans, tax-increment financing, and other incentive programs to support local businesses!

Grants and loans are available each year through the Community Improvement Plan for commercial, industrial, and agricultural properties that support Council's objectives for community development. Through the Community Improvement Plan, the Municipality supports community and economic development with the following:

  • Grants and loans for facade and land improvements, as well as energy efficiency retrofits, for commercial properties;
  • Building and planning fee waivers for select affordable housing, commercial, industrial, and on-farm developments;
  • Loans to support the creation of public tourism destinations;
  • Phased tax-increment financing for up to 10-years for select affordable housing, commercial, industrial, and on-farm developments;
  • Tax assistance for brownfield properties where there is a plan to rehabilitate the property for use; and,
  • Grants to undertake necessary studies on a property or create a business plan.

In 2022, the Municipality amended the Community Improvement Plan to expand eligibility for this program to the entire municipality, except for the 4th Canadian Division Training Centre. 

For more information, or to apply for funding under the Community Improvement Plan, please contact ecdev@meaford.ca.


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