What is a Holding Provision?

A Holding Provision, also known as a Holding Symbol, is a tool used by municipalities to ensure a specific approval is met before development can occur. Meaford Council is granted the power to remove a holding provision through Section 36(1) of the Planning Act of Ontario. Meaford has Holding Provisions 1, 2 ,3 ,4 ,5 and 7. You can find out more about each Holding Provision in the Meaford Zoning By-law 60-2009, which you can access here.

What is the process to remove a Holding Provision?

The process to remove a Holding Provision varies based on the type of Holding Provision on the subject lands.

 Holding Provision 1 
  1. Submit the application and required fee to Planning Services.
  2. A planner will contact you to provide the legal documents required to be commissioned and/or witnessed. 
  3. Submit the signed and/or witnessed legal documents to Planning Services.
  4. Notice will be provided to the required agencies of the Intent to Remove a Holding Provision.
  5. A planner will create the by-law and add the Site Plan Agreement to Council agenda.
  6. If approved and the Holding Provision is lifted, a planner will provide the Site Plan Agreement and By-law to you and the municipality's lawyer.
  7. The municipality's lawyer will register the site plan agreement on title, which concludes the process.

Holding Provision 2, 3, 4, 5, or 7 

  1. Submit the application and required fee to Planning Services.
  2. Notice will be provided to the required agencies via a Notice of Intent to Pass a By-law.
  3. The by-law will be created and added to the Council agenda for consideration.
  4. If approved, the H will be removed from the subject property, which concludes the process.

How to Apply

Before applying to remove a Holding Provision, you will need to confirm the zoning designation on the subject lands. You can access our Online Zoning Mapping Tool here.

Once you have confirmed the zoning designation, you will need to fill out the application form and pay the application fee. You can access the application for removing a Holding Provision 1 here. You can access the application to remove all other types of Holding Provision here. Once these requirements have been met, Planning Services will begin the process and communicate with you what the next steps are.

If you have questions about the applying for an amendment, please contact Planning Services.

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