Leith Beach Zoning Public Meeting
Monday, June 10, 2019 6:00 p.m.
Council Chambers, 157859 7th Line, Meaford

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A land transfer request and an application for Zoning By-law Amendment have been submitted for lands known as 359390 Grey Road 15 and applying, in part, to the adjacent Municipal Park known as Leith Beach.

Plans and Drawings

Notice of Public Meeting

Proposed Changes

The applicant proposes to exchange and purchase additional lands from the Municipality to facilitate demolition of the former Leith Pub, and to allow for the construction of a new restaurant/pub including two suites for overnight accommodation of the public or by the Owner/Staff.

The proposal would result in a reconfigured parking area to service the beach and restaurant/pub overflow parking, and is intended to enhance access and visibility of the park from Grey Road 15. Public washrooms are proposed within the building for seasonal daytime use while the restaurant is in operation. 

Zoning Amendment

The related request for Zoning Amendment would place the re-configured privately-owned parcel into the Hamlet Commercial-Exception Zone (C5-269) setting out site specific permissions for the proposed restaurant/pub, accommodation use and public washrooms and permitting the building/setbacks/lot coverage as illustrated on the submitted site plan.

This zoning would:

  • allow a maximum height of 14m
  • permit the parking requirement for the restaurant/pub/accommodation to be satisfied in-part by spaces on the adjacent park & road allowance
  • allow for future conversion of the building to a single-detached dwelling upon discontinuation of the restaurant/pub/washroom use

The municipal lands would be zoned Open Space and Environmental Protection, as currently applies. 

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