Development Name: McCullough Residential Development

File Numbers: Z10-2020, B15-2020 – B19-2020   

Location: Concession Broken Front, Part Lot 23 (Sideroad 23 & Bayshore Road)

Applications: Consent Applications Files# B15-2020 – B19-2020 , Zoning By-law Amendment Z10-2020, Plan of Condominium (County of Grey Application)

Proposal: Residential lot development on a private condominium road.

Units: 5 Residential Units

Status: Applications Under Review

Comment Submission Deadline: Staff and peer review is ongoing. Staff will continue to accept public comments until further notice.

Public Meeting:  February 7th, 2022

Watch the public meeting on Meaford's YouTube channel at

Questions can be directed to the Planning Department:    

Notice of Complete Application & Public Meeting

Public Comments with Responses by Applicant Team

Proposed Draft Plan of Condominium

Planning Justification Report 

Addendum to Planning Opinion

Environmental Impact Study

Stage 1-2 Archaeological Assessment

Functional Servicing and Stormwater Management Report

Deposited Survey

Technical Drawings

Hydrogeological Assessment 

Initial Soils Investigation

Draft Zoning By-law Amendment 

Revised Engineering Drawings

Revised Functional Servicing & Stormwater Management Report

Retaining Wall Memo

Slope Review

Supplementary Conceptual Onsite Sewage System Design

Truck Turning Analysis

Stormwater Management Operation & Maintenance Manual

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