Development Name: Meaford Winery (formerly listed as "Miller Golf Design Winery")


Location:  357038 Blue Mountains-Meaford Townline

Planning Applications: Official Plan Amendment – OPA33, Zoning By-law Amendment Z08-2022

Development Type: Commercial

Units: n/a

Proposal: The proposal is to establish a 1,649.2 square metre winery, including tasting area, restaurant and retail uses. The Official Plan Amendment requests site-specific policies to be added to the property's RURAL land use designation to permit these proposal.  The associated Zoning By-law Amendment application also requests site-specific permissions to permit the proposed winery and accessory uses. 

Please note that the applicant requested their application be named "Meaford Winery" and requested reference to Miller Golf Design be removed from the application. The naming on the website has been revised based on this request. 

Status: Under Review. Applicant indicated they are working on responding to public meeting feedback received. 

Public Meeting: November 7, 2022

 Questions can be directed to Planning Services at:


Notice of Public Meeting OPA33 ZBA08-2022


First Submission

00- Z08-2022 Application

0 - Official Plan Amendment Application - OPA33 Winery

1 - Planning Justification Report - Winery

2 - Winery SWM Report Tatham - June 2022

3 - Winery Servicing Review CC Tatham June 2022

4 - Winery Traffic Review Tatham 2022

5 - Preliminary Geotechnical Investigation by Peto McCallum (June 2018)

6 - Hydrogeological Investigation by Peto McCallum (May 2019)

7 - SARS Assessment - Bobolink by Wild Canada Ecological Consulting (August 2021)

8- Draft ZBA_Meaford Winery

9 - Draft OPA_Meaford Winery

10 - Winery Public meeting Responses 7Nov22

11 - Tatham Primary Noise Screening

12 - Ontario Provincial Standard Commercial Entrance

Second Submission

1 - Meaford Winery PJR Addendum January 2023

2 - Tatham Z Winery Servicing Review January 2023

3 - Tatham Z Winery SWM Report January 2023

4 -  Tatham Z Winery Traffic Review Rev January 2023

5 - Winery Area Comparisons January 2023

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