Development Name: Miller Golf Design Winery


Location:  357038 Blue Mountains-Meaford Townline

Planning Applications: Official Plan Amendment – OPA33, Zoning By-law Amendment Z08-2022

Development Type: Commercial

Units: n/a

Proposal: The proposal is to establish a 1,649.2 square metre winery, including tasting area, restaurant and retail uses. The Official Plan Amendment requests site-specific policies to be added to the property's RURAL land use designation to permit these proposal.  The associated Zoning By-law Amendment application also requests site-specific permissions to permit the proposed winery and accessory uses. 

Status: Under Review. Applicant indicated they are working on some revisions to the applications. 

Public Meeting: November 7, 2022

 Questions can be directed to Planning Services at:


Notice of Public Meeting OPA33 ZBA08-2022

00- Z08-2022 Application

0 - Official Plan Amendment Application - OPA33 Winery

1 - Planning Justification Report - Winery

2 - Winery SWM Report Tatham - June 2022

3 - Winery Servicing Review CC Tatham June 2022

4 - Winery Traffic Review Tatham 2022

5 - Preliminary Geotechnical Investigation by Peto McCallum (June 2018)

6 - Hydrogeological Investigation by Peto McCallum (May 2019)

7 - SARS Assessment - Bobolink by Wild Canada Ecological Consulting (August 2021)

8- Draft ZBA_Meaford Winery

9 - Draft OPA_Meaford Winery

10 - Winery Public meeting Responses 7Nov22

11 - Tatham Primary Noise Screening

12 - Ontario Provincial Standard Commercial Entrance

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