Construction of the Nelson Street Booster Pumping Station will take place in 2021. The project was identified in the Water and Wastewater Servicing Master Plan, to provide better water distribution to the Western portion of Meaford.

 Project Description

The replacement of the Nelson Street Booster Pumping Station will see a re-location of the booster station to the Meaford Water Tower Property, and will include the installation of additional pumps as part of overall distribution improvements. The current facility is underground and does not have sufficient land to replace or upgrade components. The facility will be constructed above ground and will share similar aesthetics to the St. Vincent Booster Station.

As per the Water and Wastwater Master Servicing Plan, the replacement of the Nelson Street Booster Station requires the upgrading of the existing 150mm Cast Iron watermain to a 200mm PVC Watermain from the existing Nelson Stree Booster Station to Pearson Street in order to achieve the required pressure and fire flows in the upper servicing zone, including the Meaford Hospital.

Project Timeline

Start date: March, 2021

End date: November, 2021

January 14, 2021 Public Information Centre - Meeting materials

A Public Information Centre - Meeting was held on Thursday January 14, 2021 to provide project details and answer questions.  To view presentation slides click on the link below.

Presentation Slides


The total budget for this rehabilitation project is estimated at $3,321,500. The proposed funding for the project is as follows:

  • 2021 User Fee Levy: $230,500
  • Debt: $3,091,000

If you have any questions regarding the project, please call or e-mail: 

Chris Collyer
Manager/Chief Operator, Environmental Services
Municipality of Meaford
21 Trowbridge Street West
Meaford, ON N4L 1A1
Phone: 519-538-1140

Chris Ewen
Consultant Project Manager
Ainley and Associates
Phone: (289) 541-5506



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