The Official Plan guides Meaford's land use and development strategies. It contains the goals and objectives of the community and establishes policies to direct the form, location, nature and rate of growth and change for the future.

Official Plans have legal status, deriving their authority from the Planning Act of Ontario, and all Municipal public works and By-Laws must conform to the Plan and its standards.

The Planning Act of Ontario requires that the Municipality to revisit their Official Plan every five years.  It is now time to proceed with a review of the Municipality of Meaford Official Plan.  Click here to learn more. 


An Official Plan guides all of the Municipality's planning decisions.

Amending the Official Plan

In some cases, an amendment to the Official Plan may be needed.

The Official Plan should only be amended when the policies of the Plan do not address issues, or when issues have been raised with respect to site specific proposals that must be addressed in a comprehensive manner. A common reason for amending the plan is that the general nature of the Plan's policies may not recognize the potential - or limitations - of a particular property.

How to Apply

Complete the Official Plan Amendment Application and submit it to or in person at 21 Trowbridge Street West, Meaford.

Council will review the application and consider:

  • The rationale or basis for the change
  • The direction provided by the Provincial Policy Statement
  • The goals and objectives of the Official Plan
  • The desirability and appropriateness of changing the Plan
  • The impacts the proposed change will have on the character of the area
  • Conformity to the County of Grey Official Plan

If you have questions about the official plan or applying for an amendment, please contact or call 519-538-1060 ext 1120.

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