The Development Services Department is made up of three divisions:

Planning Services staff handles review and processing of land use Planning Applications. Staff reviews development proposals and makes recommendations to Council, to help them make informed decisions about development in the Municipality. 

If you are wondering about what types of development are proposed in the Municipality or need an application form, this page is the place to start!

Building Permits
Meaford Building Permit information is available on our dedicated Building Permit page. 
 Planning Application Forms
If you are you thinking about severing a lot from your property or are looking Minor Variance information, the Consent and Minor Variances page is the place to start! You will find detailed information about the process, application forms and meeting dates. 

Some Planning Applications require pre-application consultation with Meaford staff : 
  • Zoning By-law Amendment
  • Site Plan Approval
  • Official Plan Amendment
  • Draft Plan of Subdivision/Condominium (County of Grey application also required)
Before applying to one of these applications, the Municipality requires a formal pre-consultation meeting with Meaford staff. You will need to complete the form Meaford Pre-consultation and Guide and include a sketch and any studies to date. Once the form and payment is received, staff will circulate your proposal so comments can be received on your proposal from internal department staff and agencies. 

For more information about Planning fees, see our 2024 Fees and Charges Schedule C - Planning Services.
 Current Developments
Are you wondering what developments the Municipality is currently reviewing? See our Current Developments page and interactive map for details on proposals in the Municipality. 
 Zoning Information

Find zoning information from the Meaford's Zoning page. You can search your property address using the interactive zoning map through the Meaford GIS Portal on that page. The by-law text is also available for viewing or download. 

Do you have a Holding Symbol on your property? A holding symbol might look like -h or -H with or without a number attach (for example -h4). If you have one of these symbols on all or part of your property, it may limit the uses in the area with that symbol applied. Holding symbols are part of zoning and applied for a number of reasons. Below are just a few examples: 

  • the property is near or contains significant natural features - such as watercourses, wetlands, streams
  • the property was previously subject to a planning approval but construction cannot begin until a development agreement is entered into with the municipality. 
  • the property is not on a public road and an agreement with the municipality is required before building or adding onto the existing house
  • the property is adjacent to a landfill site (either open or closed) and further study is required before building a house or redeveloping the site
  • the property is adjacent to a sewage treatment plant and further study is required before building a house or redeveloping the site.

If you have a holding symbol on your property and wondering how to remove it, please visit the Holding Provisions page for more information. 
 Meaford Official Plan
Meaford's Official Plan was recently updated!

Meaford Official Plan mapping is not yet online, but you can view the maps and policies in downloadable PDF form. 
 Cultural Heritage and the Heritage Conservation District
From Meaford's Cultural Heritage page, you can read about how Meaford protects and preserves heritage, read the Heritage Conservation District Plan, view the Heritage Register, download the Heritage Permit application and more. 
You can also see the boundaries of the Heritage Conservation District from the online Meaford GIS Portal


Do you have questions about short-term accommodations here in the Municipality of Meaford? We've created an FAQ page for your reference. 

Short-Term Accommodation FAQ's

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