What is Pumped Storage?

Pumped storage uses water and gravity to store and generate electricity. It’s like a battery, ready to respond to various power demands. At night, when demand for electricity is low, and clean electricity like wind and nuclear electricity is in excess, pumped storage would withdraw water from Georgian Bay and temporarily store it in a newly constructed upper reservoir. When demand for electricity is high, the water will be released down through the same pipes where it spins turbines and generates electricity for the grid. 
What is the Pumped Storage Project?

TC Energy is currently seeking approval from the Federal and Provincial governments to construct and operate a 1,000 MW Pumped Storage facility on a portion of land within the 4th Canadian Division Training Centre in Meaford. You can find out more information on TC's project here: https://www.ontariopumpedstorage.com/ 

Why Pumped Storage and why Meaford?

In July 2021, TC reached an agreement with the Department of National Defence, subject to conditions and regulatory approval, to allow for the development of a 1,000-megawatt pumped storage facility on federal lands. To read the full media advisory from TC Energy please visit: https://www.tcenergy.com/announcements/2021/2021-07-28-media-advisory---tc-energy-reaches-agreement-with-national-defence-to-develop-proposed-world-class-pumped-storage-project/ 

What is the Pumped Storage Advisory Committee and what do they do?

The Pumped Storage Advisory Committee was formed by the Municipality of Meaford to expand project awareness and facilitate opportunities for community engagement on TC Energy's proposed Pumped Storage Project. 

How can the community get involved?

Residents can get involved in a variety of ways through various studies and activities including the Pumped Storage Advisory Committee (PSAC). The PSAC will provide a regular community-based forum for public discussion throughout this process. 

Input from residents will also play a vital role in shaping municipal input and participation through the Federal Impact Assessment and the Provincial Environmental Assessment processes. 

What's the status of the project?

For updates on TC Energy’s proposed Pumped Storage Project please visit their website: https://www.ontariopumpedstorage.com/whats-new/ 

 For the latest on how Meaford is preparing for this large infrastructure project please visit: www.meaford.ca/PumpedStorage 

Who is TCE?

TC Energy Corporation (formerly TransCanada Corporation) is a major North American energy company, based in Calgary, Alberta that develops and operates energy infrastructure (natural gas, crude oil pipelines and nuclear power facilities) in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. 

What are some issues people are concerned about?

The Municipality has received feedback from residents expressing concerns about different aspects of the project. In response, we are committed to initiating a thorough public engagement process to ensure that community concerns are fully understood and thoughtfully addressed. 

Where is the proposed site?

If developed, the facility would be located on the existing Canadian Army’s 4th Canadian Division Training Centre, north of Meaford, Ontario. 

What is the Municipality's approach to the project?

In order for the Municipality of Meaford to understand community impacts and interests regarding TC Energy's proposed Pumped Storage Project, the municipality with undertake an independent technical review process as well as a community engagement and learning process. 

Project Timeline

2019 - 2023 

TC Energy Feasibility Assessment 


Provincial and Federal Environmental Assessment Processes 



2032 Onwards


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