From May to October of 2019, Sykes Street Bridge will be under construction. The bridge will be reduced to one lane, so delays can be expected. We appreciate your patience as we complete this work.

This rehabilitation project includes:

  • Remove asphalt and waterproofing
  • Patch repair deteriorated concrete on bridge deck top, soffit, fascia, sidewalks and south abutment
  • Patch repair deteriorated concrete on girders
  • Replace expansion joints
  • Remove and replace barrier system
  • Waterproof and pave bridge deck and approaches
  • Inject leaking cracks in soffit
  • Replace/Reline suspended watermain

On March 11, 2019, Council awarded the rehabilitation contract for the Sykes Street Bridge to National Structures 2011 Inc. for $1,080,677.83. The total project cost including engineering, site supervision and contingencies is $1,216,450 and will be funded using $825,000 in Provincial grants, $293,120 from the tax levy and $98,330 from the water rate levy.

With more than 11,000 vehicles passing over the bridge daily, the approved project plan will maintain one open lane at all times through the 20 week construction period. Added traffic lights and concrete barriers will be temporarily installed to assist with traffic flow. The Berry Street entrance off of Sykes Street will also be closed during the entire construction period.

Please exercise patience during this summer as traffic delays can be expected when trying to access the downtown via Sykes. All business will remain open. The BIA and Chamber ask you to still support locally as we go through this important rehabilitation from May until October, 2019.

Budget and Funding Sources

Total budget: $1,591,000

Tender Award: National Structures Inc. for $1,216,450

Funding Sources:

  • Provincial Grant: $825,000
  • 2019 Tax Levy: $293,120
  • User-Pay Capital budget for watermain: $98,330
Project Timeline

Engineering: Completed in 2018

Construction: May to October of 2019

Lifespan: The estimated lifespan is 20-30 years


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