These two sections of Thompson street are scheduled for rehabilitation in 2020:

  • Between William Street and Lombard Street
  • Between Nelson Street and Trowbridge Street West
 Project Description

The proposed scope of this project includes the following:

  • Replacement of approximately 350m of 150 mm Cast Iron (CI) watermain with 300 Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) watermain, including services, and appurtenances
  • Removal of approximately 85m of existing 200mm Clay and PVC sanitary sewer and removal of approximately 200m of 300mm Clay and PVC sanitary sewer, including services, and replace with PVC sewer
  • Replacement of maintenance holes and hatches to meet municipal urban standards
  • Redesign of the storm water collection system, including the removal of existing yard basins and ditches, to an urban standard
  • Reconstruction of road to a municipal urban standards including sidewalk
Project Timeline

Start Date: June 1, 2020

Estimated End Date: October, 2020

Traffic Impact

Thompson Street within the project area will be closed to all traffic expect for local traffic to access properties in the project area.
It may be necessary to fully close the roadway during some construction activities however these closures should be of a short duration.
We ask that you do not park on the roadway or boulevard during the construction.
It is expected that your driveway will be accessible most of the time.
The Contractor will attempt to tidy the area as work progresses, but final restoration will occur near the end of the project.

Waste Collection

If your regular pick-up point for garbage and recycling is temporarily blocked by construction, the Contractor will assist in collecting and transporting your garbage and recycling to a predetermined collection area.

Please ensure house numbers are clearly labeled on all Garbage and Recycling Containers to avoid them getting misplaced during waste collection.

Water Services
The scope of this project includes a new watermain system, which may require shutting down water services temporarily. Notice of water shutdowns will be provided by letter at least 48 business hours in advance of water interruptions. As always, water supplied to your residence will be of the highest quality and safe to drink.
Noise and Dust

Residents and property owners should expect some noise during construction times.

Residents and property owners should expect dusty conditions during some construction activities however efforts will be made to reduce dust as much as possible.

Vibration and Property

The possibility of vibrations due to compaction equipment during construction is not anticipated to be significant but residents should protect valuables that may be susceptible to damage as a result of vibration.

The Municipality will not be responsible for owner installed items within the road allowance, such as sprinklers, landscaping, lamp posts, etc. If you have any of these items we would recommend that they be removed during the project if possible.

As part of the project several utility poles within the project area will be relocated and this may result in temporary disruption of Telephone, Hydro, and Cable Service. Gas Services should not be affected by the construction.

The total budget for this rehabilitation project is estimated at $1,381,200. The proposed funding for the project is through a loan.


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