Our Zoning By-Law is updated each year in order to make sure it is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. This year's amending by-law proposes a range of changes.

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 The Zoning By-Law regulates and directs land use in the Municipality of Meaford. It outlines what types and location of land uses, buildings and structures are permitted. It also establishes a number of different categories or 'Zones', and specifies the types of uses and structures that are permitted in each zone.

See our Zoning By-Law Brochure for more information on how to read the Zoning By-Law.

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Amending the Zoning By-Law

You may want to request a zoning by-law amendment if the use you would like for your property does not meet the permissions or exact standards of the Zoning By-Law.

An amendment to the By-Law will only be considered if your proposed use is permitted by the Official Plan.

Before you apply for a zoning amendment, please book a consultation with our staff who will discuss your plans with you and provide guidance on the process. We can be reached at planning@meaford.ca or 519-538-1060 ext. 1119.

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