Downtown Inflow Remediation

The Downtown Inflow Remediation project will involve the construction of a new storm sewer in the back-alley just west of Sykes Street North that runs from Collingwood Street to Nelson Street. The new storm sewer will allow for disconnection of roof leaders from the existing sanitary sewer and reconnection to the new storm sewer which will ultimately decrease the amount of rainwater being treated at the Wastewater Treatment Plan.

Map showing project area indicated by red line

Project Description

The Wastewater Treatment Plant is nearing capacity as the Municipality is experiencing significant pressures related to development. The Water and Wastewater Master Plan identified that the Meaford wastewater collection system has significant amounts of rainwater and ground water (inflow and infiltration) entering the collection system.

In 2021, the Municipality conducted an Inflow and Infiltration study aimed at assessing the impact of flat roof connections from downtown area buildings on Meaford's sanitary sewer system. The study looked to identify diversion opportunities to alleviate issues caused during snow melt and heavy rainfall, which can overwhelm the existing sanitary collection system, sewage pumping station, and treatment plant.

The Downtown Inflow and Infiltration study, conducted by GSS Engineering, determined that the construction of a storm sewer behind the Sykes Street properties between Collingwood Street West and Nelson Street West was the preferred solution to divert flat roof drainage away from the sanitary system.

The design of the works was completed in 2023 and award of the construction was given to E.C. King Contracting.

Construction is anticipate to be completed in spring of 2024.

Project Timeline

Downtown Inflow and Infiltration Study: 2021

Public Meeting: June 29, 2022

Design: 2022/2023

Anticipated Construction Start: May 2024

Estimated Construction Completion: June 2024


2024 Budget: $444,140 from Reserve Funds


Joel Saunders
Project Manager, Infrastructure
Municipality of Meaford
21 Trowbridge Street West, Meaford
519-538-1060 extension 1319 | 


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