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Electric Vehicle Chargers

This project will evaluate the options for installation of Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations in downtown Meaford, including considering Type 2 and Type 3 chargers, and install chargers in appropriate locations to meet the needs of the community.

Project Scope
 This project will involve: 
  • Identification of appropriate number of, and publicly-accessible locations for the installation of level 2 Electric Vehicle charging stations in the downtown. 
  • Identification of appropriate partnerships for the installation of level 3 Electric Vehicle charging stations in the downtown. 
  • Identification of available grant opportunities or funding models within the project timeline to assist in reducing the impact on the tax levy. 
  • Working with the County and local businesses to determine if local partnerships are available for the Electric Vehicle charging stations.
  • Installation and long-term maintenance of Electric Vehicle charging stations integrated into the public realm of the downtown in such a manner that they do not have negative impacts to ratepayers.
Municipal Project

The Municipality will complete a preliminary review of appropriate locations, types and numbers of EV charging stations in downtown Meaford. This will include a review of the Grey County analysis, hydro availability, municipal properties, proximity to downtown businesses and potential impacts.

Following selection of locations the Municipality will review potential partnerships and grant opportunities to determine the best timing of installation and additional work that will need to completed including hydro upgrades. A review of EV charging station providers will also need to be completed to find the most cost effective option that meets the needs of the Municipality.

Prior to proceeding with installation a review of potential partnerships will occur to determine if the County or local businesses are interested in providing this service to the downtown.

Dependent on partnerships the Municipality will proceed with installation of EV charging stations and implement a payment system and maintenance program for the stations.

County Partnership

Grey County is currently working with the counties of Dufferin, Huron, Bruce, Wellington and West Perth to install EV charging stations throughout southwestern Ontario. An evaluation was completed to identify required locations for Level 3 charging station and possible locations for Level 2 charging stations to ensure the network is constructed to meet current and future (5 plus years) demand and technology advancements. Meaford was identified as a possible location for a level 2 charging station that is currently identified to be located at Meaford Hall.

Staff will work with the County to confirm a location for the charging station if it is identified for construction through this program. The program is identified to have no financial impact on the County or Municipality.

The SW Ontario Regional EV Network Request for Proposal closed in February and is currently under review by the counties involved.

Community Partnership

The Economic Development Coordinator will work with local businesses to understand if there are planned EV charging station installation locations in urban Meaford that would met the needs identified through the municipal review. The intention of this partnership is to ensure that the municipal plan takes into consideration all local EV charging stations and identify any collaboration that could occur.


Staff will complete identification of appropriate locations, type and number for EV charging stations in 2023 as well as review funding and grant opportunities. This will allow the Municipality to be ready if partnerships become available over the next four years.

An EV Charging station will be incorporated into the 2024 or 2025 budget process dependent on if Meaford is included in the County plan and therefore additional charging stations may not be required at this time in Meaford. 

Project Updates
There are no current project updates. Please check back to this page. 
 The typical cost to install EV Charging Stations are identified below.
  • Level 2 - $15,000
  • Level 3 - $150,000

Additional costs are required to upgrade electrical infrastructure and will be dependent on the selected site and type of changing station.

Based on the evaluation and selected option a detailed cost will be developed for the municipal budget process. 


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 Project Charter - Electric Vehicle Chargers

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