There are so many ways to enjoy the day, for kids of all ages! Take part in some outdoor yoga, take a dance break, hit the trails, or tour the chairs! There is so much to see and do, right here in Meaford.

Gentle All Levels Yoga

Please have the following at the ready to practice:

  • yoga mat
  • 2 yoga blocks (or a chair)
  • 1 yoga strap (or a scarf or necktie)
  • 1 blanket
About the Class
In this class, Beth emphasizes alignment through exploration of movement.  It’s a study of your own, individual anatomy first-hand through breath and movement. In the process you gain a deeper understanding of who you are both on and off a yoga mat. We will use props such as the blocks or a chair chairs, a strap/tie and a blanket to increase awareness and accessibility in poses. Whether you have had a little or a lot of yoga experience, this class is for you as I offer many variations and modifications.
More About Beth
Beth has been teaching movement to people since 1990 - then, in the form of aerobics. With a longing to know more about how the human body moves, she jumped (literally) into Ashtanga Yoga discovering a beautiful spiritually based system that incorporated flowing movement while honouring the gift of the breath. She explored Iyengar Yoga principles which places an emphasis on detail, precision and alignment. When Anusara Yoga was in its hay-day, she learned to combine alignment principles with a concept that we all flow with Grace. This took her to a deeper study of Tantric Yoga which offers that we are all perfect as we are and life is meant to be experienced - the good, the bad and the ugly. This is how we learn and grow. She has also studied Yoga Therapy extensively and worked with many people living with pain and suffering. They have shown her how important the practices of yoga can be for healing on a multitude of levels. (Read about why you might work 1.1 with her)

The Groove Experience

Join professional hype-guy Tyler Boyle for an energetic interactive dance show called The Groove Experience. This is a performance for anyone, of any age, of any ability. You can’t get this wrong! Participants are encouraged to add their own style and creativity and dance along with Tyler. No complicated choreography! Just super simple moves for optimal participation and fun.

Tyler will include different songs with a variety of dance styles and world music. He has performed for festivals and events all over North America.

Celebrate Canada Day with the Meaford Public Library!

Happy Canada Day from the Meaford Public Library! We are looking forward to welcoming you back into the Meaford Public Library. Until then, pick up a Canada Day Grab’n’Go Bag and S’more Kit from the library prior to July 1. Also, feel free to stroll through the library’s parkette and read all the reasons we love Canada!

Celebrate Canada Day with some fun, virtual programs provided by the Meaford Public Library.

Virtual Canada Day Campfire Story Time

Enjoy some Canadian stories and songs with Heather Ann and Lloyd! Open the lyrics and sing along with them!  

Sing-along with Heather Ann and Lloyd! 

Top 10 Canadian Books

Looking for some more Canadiana? Check out our Top 10 Canadian books and movies.

Top 150 Canadian Books Chosen by Meaford

Bringing back a bit of history! Here are the top 150 Canadian Books chosen by Meaford in 2017.List of 150 Books by Canadian authors

Amazing Reads Summer Reading Challenge

Colour border surrounding The Amazing Reads Canada in bold black and blueYour mission is to read across Canada by reading the books designated for each province and territory. Find copies of the books on the Meaford Public Library’s online resources such as Libby/OverDrive, Hoopla, and CELA. You can also place a hold on the books through your library account online and pick them up at the library curbside service or in-house.

Feel free to count books you have already read in 2020/2021.

There are 15 books in the summer reading challenge. To complete the Amazing Reads Canada challenge, you must read 13 of the books; each of the designated books and at least three of the Georgian Bay Reads nominees. You do not have to read the books in order. When you have completed your journey across Canada, send your completed passport to  or drop off at the library. You will be entered into a draw for a chance to win one of three fabulous prizes. Good luck! 

Download your passport here! 

See what titles are available to download here.

Visit Libby/OverDrive or Hoopla to download titles.

Visit the Meaford Public Library catalogue to request titles. 

 Views of Meaford 2020

These beautiful photos are a visual representation of why we love it here! Check out the winning photos from the Views of Meaford 2020 Photo Contest. Get ready shutterbugs! The Views of Meaford Photo Contest 2021 contest begins on Tuesday, August 3. 


Lots of greenery (leaves and grass) with a historic sign that reads "Georgian Trail"

Local History

Winner: Jessica Brown

Person reading on the rocks in front of a lighthouse. Clear blue sky and water.

People in Meaford

Winner: Meghan Johnson

Two chubby birds sitting on a thick rope

Pets and Wildlife

Winner: Robin Jowett

Cloudy sky with bright green trees and grass. Road cutting down the middle.


Winner: Robin Jowett

Man ice fishing while sitting on the ice against a purple pink skyGrand Prize

Winner: Robin Jowett

 Online Resource Fun
Super fun on Canada Day and available all year round! Access the Meaford Public Library’s online resources 24/7. All absolutely free! All you need is your library card.
  • Ancestry – Learn about your Canadian History!
  • Creativebug – Get crafty for the summer!
  • LinkedIn Learning – What defines a national identity? Is it an anthem, a flag, a logo, or an icon? In the 1960s and 70s, these questions were answered by an innovative group of Canadian designers, who used design to unify the nation. Design Canada is the first documentary chronicling the history of Canadian graphic design and how it shaped a nation and its people. Watch the documentary through LinkedIn Learning.
  • Mango Languages – Brush up on your French Canadian (Go Habs go!).
  • World Book – Engaging, verifiable, trustworthy!  Updated regularly! Learn some Canadian history, biography, facts and find ideas for crafts you can make at home.  

Rock Snake

Meaford's Rock Snake winds along the Georgian Trail at the Montgomery Street entrance. After reading a book in class, local student Cleighton was inspired to start a rock snake, and it has been growing ever since! Now over 600 rocks long, We're hoping to get to 700 rocks for Canada Day! All you need to do is paint a rock of your own, and add to the snaking tail!

Origin Story
In May Cleighton's Grade 1 Class from SVE read a story for "Mindfulnedd Monday." The story was called Emma's Gems. After reading the story the students were asked to paint rocks to represent things they thought were important, similar to the gems in the story. Cleighton's original 3 rocks were reminders to "Be Kind" "Share with others" and "Have Fun". Soon after the students shared eachother's rocks with the class, one of the students shared a news article about a huge rock snake a child had done. Cleighton thought it was a really cool idea. Days later he was still talking about it and thought it would be something for he and his friends to do during COIVD so he created one. His main goal was to see if people would even add to it. Each day it's been a surprise to see many rocks added.

Peak to Shore

Enjoy this tour of some of Meaford's scenic trails, waterfront, and kayaking spots, showcasing the natural beauty of our community.

Five Indigenous games to play with your children

Canada is home to more than 1.6 million Indigenous people, including 600 First Nations communities, as well as Inuit and Métis communities. These distinct nations and groups have diverse histories, traditions, and cultures—as well as games and activities. Check out these 5 Indigenous games to try at home!

Travel the Trails

The many Meaford trails are great resources to help you get out and stay active. Our Municipality has a wide variety of long stretching trails for you to master. Clicking on the image to your left will bring you to our website page featuring all of the magnificent trails that this area has to offer. 

Explore the Parks

If you would prefer to lounge about in one of our gorgeous parks, we have many to offer. Click the image on the left and you will be transported to our website page featuring all of the wonderful Meaford Parks. From Beautiful Joe to McCarroll, there is a park for everyone!

The Big Red Chair Tour

A great way to spend the day is on a Big Red Chair Tour. Throughout the past few years, Meaford has partnered with the local high school school students to bring you our very own Big Red Chairs! There are many of these large chairs in various locations. Why not find them all? Take a picture and post it with the hashtag #LiveLoveMeaford.

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