Thanks for an awesome 2021 Summer Camp Season!

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Summer Camp Program Information


Register Online via PerfectMind

Some camp partners offer their own registration, check the camp details for direct links.

Credit Cards Only  

Register In-Person

Meaford Hall Box Office, 12 Nelson Street, East, Meaford, ON

Cash, debit and credit accepted. 

Camper Information Forms MUST be completed at the time of registration. 

Waitlists work! Due to lower capacities and ever-changing guidelines additional spaces may open up. We encourage you to put your child’s name on the waitlist. 
 Camp Hours
Camp hours vary camp to camp. Be sure to review your Registration Confirmation found on your PerfectMind Account and Camp Emails for your camps start and end times. 

Our camps operate at various locations within our municipality. Double check where your camp is prior to attending camp. Locations are subject to change.

Beautiful Joe Park  162 Edwin Street West, Meaford
Blue Dolphin Pool 57 Richmond Street, Meaford
Meaford Public Library  11 Sykes Street North, Meaford
Meaford & St. Vincent Community Centre 151 Collingwood Street, Meaford
Meaford Tennis Courts 200 Eliza Street, Meaford
Memorial Park 179 Grant Ave, Meaford
Meaford Hall  12 Nelson Street East, Meaford
Check out our Recreation Fund program for funding for recreation programs and activities including Summer Camp! 
 Refund & Cancellation Policy 

Refunds will be available for customers within the first 14 days after registration. 

If registration occurs less than 14 days before the start of the program or activity, refunds will not be available.

Cancellations received after the 14 days, but more than 14 days before the start date of the program or activity can transfer their registration to an alternative program or activity. If not alternative is available, or if the cancellation is for exceptional reasons, a credit can be applied to the customer's account. The credit has no expiry.

Cancellations occurring less than 14 days before the start date of a program or activity will receive no refund or credit.

In the case of swimming lessons or summer camp, if the space is resold to another customer, then the customer will receive a credit on their account.

For programs and activities cancelled by the Municipality of Meaford, refunds will be issued.

Cancellations and refund requests should be received in writing to
 What to Bring to Camp

Each camper should bring:

  • Their own sunscreen (sunscreen cannot be shared)
  • Refillable water
  • Lunch and Snacks
  • Hat
  • Comfortable clothing and closed toe shoes
  • Any additional items specific to your camp, i.e. bathing suit and towel
  • Toys and electronic devices are not permitted at camp.  
 Late Fees
There is a late pick-up fee of $15 for every 10-minute period after the end of camp. Please ensure you double check the end time of your camp. All outstanding balances must be paid prior to attending the next week of camp. 
 Safe Arrival & Dismissal Policy 

Our Safe Arrival & Dismissal Policy ensures that children are only released into the care of their parent/guardian or into the care of an individual designated by the parent/guardian at the time of registration. (Emergency Contacts)

Families may add individuals to the list at any time by contacting the Summer Camp Coordinator,

Parents, guardians and caregivers must show Photo I.D. when picking up their camper daily to ensure campers are released to the appropriate caregiver. 

 Participant Code of Conduct 
Every camper has the right to feel safe in any municipal recreation program. When behavior issues arise or challenges present themselves, we resolve them on an individual basis. All campers are responsible for conducting their selves in accordance with our Participant Code of Conduct:
  • Show respect and consideration for staff, instructors, leaders in training, volunteers and other participants in the program
  • Be  cooperative and willing to participate in programs with the understanding that all participants have varying abilities
  • Respect the rules and regulations to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants
  • Include others in activities when possible.
  • Play without bullying or teasing others
  • Use equipment safely and appropriately
  • Use appropriate language
  • Adhere to a “hands-off” expectation by not touching or making physical contact with other participants, staff, instructors, leaders in training and volunteers.

Behaviours that are not tolerated:

  • Physical aggression – behavior causing or threatening physical harm towards others
  • Damaging property – deliberate behavior aimed at destroying, altering or defacing property and/or public spaces
  • Inappropriate language – language that is considered to be impolite, rude or offensive
  • Social behavior – any behavior that aims to use social power over another program participants, staff, instructors, leaders in training and volunteers. 
The Municipality of Meaford, its instructors and partners reserve the right to dismiss a participant without warning if, in their opinion the participant compromises the physical and emotional safety of themselves, other participants, staff, instructors, leaders in training and volunteers or has failed to cooperate with any rules or code of conduct. 
 Nut-Free Program
While we cannot guarantee all facilities are nut-free, our Summer Camps are nut-free.
Please ensure your campers lunch and snacks are nut-free. 
 Updates & Reminders
Email reminders will be sent one week prior to the start of your camp.

It is important to keep your PerfectMind account up to date! Should you not receive your email please contact the Summer Camp Coordinator, 

Updates and reminders can also be found here and on our Facebook page!

COVID-19 Summer Camps Guidelines & Requirements 

We have established protocols for operations during this time, and are taking the appropriate precautions to ensure we are keeping campers, staff and instructors safe. Based on the guidelines provided by the Grey Bruce Health Unit and provincial health guidelines, we have established lower ratios and capacity, physical distancing, screening and enhanced facility cleaning. Protocols have been established based on the Ministry of Health’s Guidance for Summer Day Camps.

These protocols are subject to change, as the situations continues to evolve.

 Camp Forms
At the time of registration parents/guardians will be required to complete our regular Camper Information Form and a Declaration of Health Rules Form. The Declaration of Health Rules Form is to educate parents/guardians and campers on the new rules in place for camp to protect them and others from COVID-19. 
 Camp Cohorts
Camp group sizes have been reduced to create cohorts of 10-15 campers. Cohorts will not interact with other camps. 
 Each day, screening will be conducted for campers and the adult accompanying them to drop-off.
  • Families are encouraged to complete screenings electronically and prior to arriving to camp
  • We encourage only one parent/guardian to complete drop-off and pick-up wherever possible
  • Parents/guardians are not permitted to enter any facility. Staff will escort campers to their program area 
Should you arrive outside of your camp drop-off or pick-up times please: Call 519-538-0463 or email
 Emphasis will be placed on independent activities, where campers can physically distance and outdoor play. 
 Enhanced Cleaning
 All current infection prevention and control practices will be adhered to. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Ensuring all toys and equipment are made of material that can be cleaned and disinfected or are single use.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of shared toys, equipment and frequently touched items at a minimum of twice daily.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces at a minimum of twice daily.
  • Promotion of frequent hand washing and hand-washing schedule
    • Campers will receive personal hand sanitization bottles to affix to their person
Cleaning logs to track cleaning and sanitization. Log book follows camps. 
 Exclusion from Camps

Campers who are showing symptoms of COVID-19, or who have been in contact with someone showing symptoms of COVID-19, will not be allowed to attend camp. The Grey Bruce Health Unit will be contacted for any suspected case or any camper showing symptoms and further steps will be taken with direction from them.

Campers who become symptomatic at camp will be taken to a designated sick room/area. Parents/guardians will be contacted and asked to pick up camper within one (1) hour. Campers will be permitted to return to camp with a doctor’s note or a negative COVID-19 test result.

Campers with seasonal allergies are permitted to attend camp. If symptoms of allergies are greater than normal, the camper will not be allowed to attend the program. These allergies should be indicated on the Camper Information Form as well as frequent symptoms of the allergy.

Should a staff member deny entry to camp based on screening symptoms, a refund will be given for the day of denial and any following days as deemed necessary for the safety of the other campers. If a camper is sent home early due to the onset of above normal symptoms, a refund will also be processed for any missed days.

Other Sickness

If your child becomes sick with anything other than COVID-19, regular communicable disease protocol will be followed. Depending on the sickness, a doctor’s note or clear Daily Health Screening will be accepted. Refunds will not be processed.
 PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) 
Staff & Instructors

All staff and instructor will wear non-medical face masks/face coverings and gloves when physical distancing cannot be maintained.


Masks are not mandatory for campers, however we ask that you send your child with a mask. In the event it becomes difficult to physically distance, masks/face coverings may be mandatory in certain settings. 
 Considerations Prior to Registration 
Is my child able to physically distance?

Physical distancing is a safety guideline during camp. Campers will be placed in groups of 10-15 campers and will be required to keep 2m apart. 

Will my child be able to adhere to new health standards and practices?

Frequent hand washing and daily screening of campers will take place. These items must be completed under the provincial guidelines. If a camper is unable to meet these guidelines they will not be able to attend camp. Additionally if a child becomes sick at camp they will be placed in a separate room, until a parent/caregiver is able to pick them up. We understand that these practices may be challenging for some campers. 

Does my child have a pre-existing health condition that makes them higher risk?

Certain health conditions place your child at a higher risk of both contracting COVID-19 and/or becoming seriously ill should they contract the virus. Please visit for more information on this.

Although we will do our very best to ensure the safety of your child, it is important to note that nothing can be done with 100% certainty to stop the spread of COVID-19.

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