The Meaford Museum houses a wide variety of local reference material and genealogical records in our archives.

If you are researching your family history here is a list of some of the surnames for families we have information about.  If your surname is not listed here please contact the Museum as we may have information.

Please contact us if you would like to make a Research Request.  We offer an in depth research assistance for a fee of $25.00 per hour.

 Surnames A-B
Anderson    Bell   Bowes   Brown
Andrus   Belshaw   Bowser   Bumstead
Anning   Benedict   Boyd   Burley
Arlidge   Bennett   Bracken   Burnett
Armstrong   Bishop   Braithwaite   Burritt
Arthur   Bissell   Breese   Burrows
Ashby   Blanchard   Brewster   Burns
Atkins   Bole   Bridgett   Bush
    Bond   Bright   Butchart
    Bonesteel   Briggs    
    Bowerman   Brinkman    
 Surnames C-D
Cann   Cockins   Davidson
Carson   Cook   Davison
Cartwright Cooper   Deegan
Caswell   Corley   Dennison
Cahllis   Cose   Dignard
Chantler   Cox   Doherty
Chapple   Craig   Doran
Ciglen   Cramp   Douglas
Clark   Crapper   Drummond
Cleland   Crawley   Duxbury
Clement   Croft    
Clock   Crothers    
 Surnames E-H
Eaton   Ferguson   Gardiner   Haines
Ellis   Finley   Gawley   Hall
Emary   Fligg   Gibbs   Hamilton
    Ford   Gifford   Harding
    Fox   Gilmore   Hart
    Frank   Glover   Hawkins
    Franklin   Godfrey   Head
    Fraser   Goudy   Hogg
    Freeborn   Govette   Hollingshead
    Frizzell   Grant   Holmes
    Fuller   Graves   House
        Greenfield   Howe
        Grier   Huff
        Gugins   Hunwicks
 Surnames I-L
Johnston   Kennedy   Lang
    Kernaghan   Latornell
    King   Laycock
    Kingston   Layton
    Kirkpatrick   Lemon
    Kirvan   Leonard
    Knaggs   Lindsay
 Surnames M-O
MacGillvray   McKay   Nicoll
Mackie   McKnight    
Mallory   McClaren    
Marsh   McClean    
Martin   McNaughton    
McArthur   McVittie    
McCartney   Meri    
McCauslad   Miller    
MCConnell   Mills    
McCrae   Milne    
McDonald   Moffatt    
McDougall   Moore    
McIntosh   Muir    
 Surnames P-Z
Parkin   Raper   Saunders   Sparling   Tait   Ufland
Patterson Redmond   Scammell   Sproule   Taylor    
Paul   Reid   Seaman   Stephen   Thom    
Perks   Richardson   Sewell   Stephenson   Thomspon    
Pilkey   Riley   Sheppard   Stewart   Thomson    
Plunkett   Robertson   Shields   Stirling   Tomlinson    
Polalrd   Rows   Silver   Stitt   Treleaven    
Porter   Rumsey   Silverthorn   Storey   Tretheway    
Purdy       Sing   Stovel   Trout     
        Skinner   Stubbs        
        Skippen   Sunter        

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