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Summer Camps in Meaford!

Stay tuned for registration information for 2023 Municipal Summer Camps! 

Summer Camp Policies and Procedures

Prior to the start of camp, please take time to review our Municipal Camp Policies and Procedures

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Refunds will be available for customers within the first 14 days after registration.

If registration occurs less than 14 days before the start of the program or activity, refunds will not be available.


Cancellations received after the 14 days, but more than 14 days before the start date of the program or activity can transfer their registration to an alternative program or activity. If no alternative is available, or if the cancellation is for exceptional reasons, a credit can be applied to the customer's account. The credit has no expiry. Cancellations occurring less than 14 days before the start date of a program or activity will receive no refund or credit.


In the case of swimming lessons or summer camp, if the space is resold to another customer, then the customer will receive a credit on their account.


For programs and activities cancelled by the Municipality of Meaford, refunds will be issued.

Cancellations and refund requests should be received in writing to 
Participant Code of Conduct
Every camper has the right to feel safe in any municipal recreation program. When behavior issues arise or challenges present themselves, we resolve them on an individual basis. All campers are responsible for conducting themselves in accordance with our Participant Code of Conduct:
  • Show respect and consideration for staff, instructors, leaders in training, volunteers and other participants in the program.
  • Be cooperative and willing to participate in programs with the understanding that all participants have varying abilities.
  • Respect the rules and regulations to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants.
  • Include others in activities when possible.
  • Play without bullying or teasing others.
  • Use equipment safely and appropriately.
  • Use appropriate language.
  • Adhere to a “hands-off” expectation by not touching or making physical contact with other participants, staff, instructors, leaders in training and volunteers.

Behaviours that are not tolerated:

  • Physical aggression – behavior causing or threatening physical harm towards others.
  • Damaging property – deliberate behavior aimed at destroying, altering or defacing property and/or public spaces.
  • Inappropriate language – language that is considered to be impolite, rude or offensive.
  • Social behavior – any behavior that aims to use social power over another program participants, staff, instructors, leaders in training and volunteers. 
The Municipality of Meaford, its instructors and partners reserve the right to dismiss a participant without warning if, in their opinion, the participant compromises the physical and emotional safety of themselves, other participants, staff, instructors, leaders in training and volunteers or has failed to cooperate with any rules or code of conduct. 
Camp Readiness

It's important that campers attending Municipality of Meaford camps are "program ready" to ensure the best possible experience for all campers while at camp. Our goal is ensure the safety of all campers at any given time. 


Please make your sure you child is ready for camp by confidently answering "yes" to the below questions: 

  • Child is able to take instruction from a staff person and participate in planned activities.
  • Child is successful at doing daily activities (such as using the washroom) without a known guardian present and not having regular activities.
  • Child feels comfortable interacting in a group environment, to the best of their ability.
  • Child can participate in a way that is safe for themselves and others.

Children at camp who are not ready may be withdrawn at the discretion of supervisory staff. 

What to bring to camp
  • Backpack
  • A litterless and peanut/nut free lunch and snacks.
  • A reusable water bottle.
  • Hat.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Closed toe shoes.
  • Bathing suit, if swimming. 
  • Anything else specific to your camp and identified in your pre-camp email.
Safe Arrival and Dismissal Policy
Our Safe Arrival and Dismissal Policy ensures that children are only released into the care of their parent/guardian or into the care of an individual designated by the parent/guardian at the time of registration. (Emergency Contacts)

Families may add individuals to the list at any time by contacting the Summer Camp Coordinator,

Parents, guardians and caregivers must show photo I.D. when picking up their camper daily to ensure campers are released to the appropriate caregiver. 

Nut-Free Program

All summer camps are strictly nut-free programs. We ask that all staff and participants refrain from bringing peanuts and other nut products into camp. 

While we discourage participants and staff from brining peanut and nut products to programs, campers and their families must be aware that our facilities are not peanut and nut-free. Items in our concessions, kitchens, vending machines, etc. may contain peanut and nut products. 

and Sign-Out

All campers must be signed in and out of camp daily by their parent, guardian or authorized caregiver. 

If your camper is over the age of 10 they may sign themselves in and out of camp. This should be indicated at the time of registration. 

Should you preference change please notify camp staff in writing at

Camp Snacks and Food Activities

Some camp activities involve food. Parents of campers with food allergies will be notified prior to the start of camp to ensure activities are safe for their child. Additionally, all special treats given to campers by camp staff (i.e. popsicles) are all purchased from nut-free facilities. 

Pictures and Use of Pictures

Pictures and videos are taken daily at all camps. Photos and videos are used for the promotion of programs on municipal and partner social media platforms, website and print promotions. 

At the time of registration, please indicate if you do not want your child's photo used in any publications. 

Electronic Devices

We ask that campers leave their electronic devices at home for the duration of camp, unless other wise specified by their camp. 

The Municipality of Meaford and it's partners are not responsible for lost of stolen items. 

Infection Prevention and Control
Campers are asked not attend camps if they show signs and symptoms of contagious illnesses or communicable diseases including Covid-19. 
Inclement Weather

Nearly all camps run rain or shine!

In the event of inclement weather i.e., an expected storm camp participants will be notified by email via PerfectMind of any location changes. 

Ensure your email is up to date on your PerfectMind account!

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