Registration Opens Tuesday March 31, 9:00 am
You can register online or in person at Meaford Hall.

  • Session 1: June 15 to June 26, 2020 - Registration Deadline June 8, 2020 (Last Day to Cancel: May 18)
  • Session 2: June 28 to July 10, 2020 - Registration Deadline June 22, 2020 (Last Day to Cancel: June 1)
  • Session 3: July 20 to July 31, 2020 - Registration Deadline: July 13, 2020 (Last Day to Cancel: June 22)
  • Session 4: August 4 to August 14, 2020 (No Class August 3) - Registration Deadline: July 27 (Last Day to Cancel July 13)
 4-36 Months


One-on-one swimming lessons for children who are ready to learn and enjoy the water. (15 minute lesson)

Cost: $69

 3-5 Years

Preschool A 

Preschoolers learn to float and glide on front and back assisted.

They put their face in the water and blow bubbles. They jump into
chest-deep water and practice shallow water movement wearing a PFD.
Fitness swim 1-2 meters unassisted. (30 minute lesson)

Cost: $72

Preschool B 

Preschoolers jump into chest-deep water and get in and out wearing a PFD. They submerge and exhale under water. They glide on front and back 3 meters with a buoyant aid and flutter kick on back for 5 meters. Fitness swim 2-4 meters unassisted. (30 minute lesson)

Cost: $72

Preschool C 

Preschoolers try both a jump and a side roll into deep water while wearing a PFD. They recover objects from the bottom in waist deep water. They work on kicking and gliding through the water on front and back unassisted. Fitness swim 5-7 meters unassisted. (30 minute lesson)

Cost: $72

Preschool D 

Preschoolers learn independent jumps into deep water and exit. They open their eyes under water and recover objects from chest deep water. Front crawl is introduced at this level and for 2-3 meters unassisted. Fitness swim is 7-9 meters unassisted. (30 minute lesson)

Cost: $72

Preschool E 

Preschoolers build on deep water skills by demonstrating a forward roll entry with a PFD. They develop endurance by holding their breath under water for up to 10 seconds. Interval training and whip kick is introduced at this level. Fitness swim is 10-12 meters. (30 minute lesson)

Cost: $72

 6-12 Years

Swimmer 1 

Beginners become comfortable jumping into the water without a PFD. They open their eyes, exhale and hold their breath underwater. They work on floats, glides and kicking on front and back. (30 minute lesson)

Cost: $72

Swimmer 2 

Advanced beginners jump into deeper water, and become comfortable falling sideways into the water wearing a PFD. Swimmers support themselves at the surface without aid, recover an object in chest deep water. Fitness swim is 10-15 meters. (30 minute lesson)

Cost: $72

Swimmer 3 

Swimmers develop front and back crawl strokes, and explore whip kick in a vertical position. Swimmers tread water for up to 30 seconds and learn to transition from front to back flutter kick. Fitness swim is 20-25 meters. (45 minute lesson)

Cost: $76

Swimmer 4 

Swimmers work towards stride jumps and standing dives into deep water. They improve front crawl, back crawl and whip kick. Swimmers are introduced to a 3 meter underwater swim. Fitness swim is 50 meters. (45 minute lesson)

Cost: $76

Swimmer 5 

Junior swimmers shallow dive into deep water and perform in-water back somersaults. They achieve Canadian Swim to Survive Standard: roll into deep water, tread 1 minute and swim 50 meters. Swimmers continue to develop front and back crawl while breaststroke skills are introduced. Fitness swim is 100 meters. (45 minute lesson)

Cost: $76

Swimmer 6 

Intermediate swimmers increase efficiency in front crawl, back crawl and work to develop breaststroke skills. They are introduced to stride entries, scissor kick and vertical dolphin kick. They also develop strength and power by performing front and back crawl sprints. Fitness swim is 150 meters. (45 minute lesson)

Cost: $76

Swimmer 7 

Intermediate swimmers master dolphin kick, diving off blocks and eggbeater. They are introduced to sculling and continue to maximize efficiency in front crawl and breaststroke. Fitness swim is 300 meters. (60 minute lesson)

Cost: $84

Swimmer 8 

Swimmers rise to the challenge of advanced aquatic skills including head and foot first surface dives and a 25 meter obstacle swim. First aid focuses on assessment of conscious victims, contacting EMS and treatment for bleeding. They swim lengths of front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke. Fitness swim is 350 meters. (60 minute lesson)

Cost: $84

Swimmer 9 

Swimmers continue stroke development with 75 meter swims of front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke. Lifesaving skills include a rescue with buoyant aid and a timed object support. First aid focuses on assessment of unconscious victims, treatment of victims in shock and obstructed airway procedures. Fitness swim is 500 meters. (60 minute lesson)

Cost: $84

Swimmer 10 

Advanced swimmers develop each stroke over 100 meters. They also learn lifesaving skills such as entries with aids, removal of unconscious victims. First aid focuses on treatment of victims with bone and joint injuries and respiratory emergencies. Fitness swim 600 meters. (60 minute lesson)

Cost: $84

Family Lesson Rates

Families with three or more children, residing in the same household, will recieve a 10% discount for each lesson. Only eligible for regular lessons (Aquatot to Swimmer 10). 

Private/Adult Lessons

Private lessons are available for swimmers (children and adults) who need assistance mastering a particular skill or stroke. 

All lessons are 30 minutes in length. Register online or email the Blue Dolphin Pool 

Available Times Fee

Tuesday-Friday 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, 3:00-4:00 pm

Tuesday-Friday July 13-17, August 17-28 3:00-6:00 pm


Tuesday-Friday August 31-September 4

10:00 am-12:00 pm, 3:00-6:00 pm


Saturday/Sunday 3:00-5:00 pm (by request) 


$25 / 30 Minute Lesson

Adult Lessons subject to HST

Register Online
Please note, the Blue Dolphin Pool may be closed at any time due to inclement weather at the discretion of the staff

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