Harbour Pavilion Post Replacement

Please be advised that the Meaford Rotary Pavilion Post Replacement project has been completed.

The Harbour Pavilion, originally built in 1990, is undergoing essential restoration work, including the replacement of deteriorated posts for improved functionality and aesthetics. This work is anticipated to be completed in Spring 2024, ensuring the community’s enjoyment of the space come summertime.

Harbour Pavilion Structure wrapped in construction fencing ahead of post replacement project

Project Description

Originally constructed in 1990 by the Rotary Club of Meaford, the Harbour Pavilion serves as a vital community hub for various events. In 2023, staff identified structural issues, prompting the need for post replacements due to deterioration below the concrete floor. Beginning in Spring 2024, Naturally Green Landscaping has been retained to replace the compromised posts, ensuring the pavilion's integrity for summer events.

Project Timeline
Anticipated Construction Commencement: April 2024

Anticipated Construction Completion: May 2024

 2024: $60,000 
Cassandra Cesco

Project Manager, Facilities
Municipality of Meaford
21 Trowbridge Street West, Meaford
519-538-1060 extension 1316 | ccesco@meaford.ca

 Notice of Construction - April 4, 2024

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