We are fundraising for an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) to help the Meaford Fire Department access remote emergencies in our rural Municipality. It will allow us to transport injured patients and fight fires on trails or farmland that is not easily accessible by road.

Why do we need an ATV?

The Municipality of Meaford covers 588 sq km which is predominantly rural and is known as a four season destination with many kilometers of open space and trails which are enjoyed by hikers, snowmobilers, cyclists, cross county skiers etc. The vast majority of these trails are inaccessible by existing fire vehicles. Having an all terrain/all season vehicle enables us to reach injured patients within the golden hour. Having wildland firefighting capability will ensure that we are able to extinguish brush fires rapidly before they can threaten the environment, agricultural lands, livestock and structures.

The total cost for this equipment is $60,000.

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